Mother’s Day Weekend

We just had the most lovely Mother’s Day Weekend!  Everything started out Friday evening… we went to Chabad for a wonderful Shabbat dinner.  This was the last Shabbat dinner of the school year since exams are just about over and the students will be leaving for the summer.  We’ll probably continue to see them over the summer but meals will be much smaller without students in town.  We always have a lovely time going to Chabad for Shabbat dinners–the Rabbi and his wife are so friendly and great to talk to and their kids always have a lot of fun with Julia.  It’s also nice that they’ll set up the pack n’ play for us so that we can put Julia to sleep before the meal starts and then we can enjoy the meal and good conversation while she sleeps!

Saturday morning we went to brunch at Woodberry Kitchen.  Ken and I had only ever been there for dinners but I heard multiple times that it is a very baby friendly restaurant if you go for brunch or lunch or even for an early dinner.  The food was excellent and the service was great and it really was quite baby friendly… they had home-made play dough for Julia to play with in addition to the usual crayons and a page to color.  They also had cups with lids and straws for Julia to drink from.  Aside from a minor freak-out that required Ken to take her out of the room for a minute, Julia did very well during brunch.





I made sure that Ken & I were wearing the same thing to brunch this year that we wore to Mother’s Day Brunch last year since I wanted to take an almost identical picture… turned out pretty perfect, if you ask me!  (Last year we went to Cafe Atchafalaya in New Orleans.)

Here we were this year: 5.12.2014

And here’s the comparison photo: last year vs. this year


We look much less stressed out this year and Julia looks like such a big girl!  It’s fun to see comparison photos like this to see how much she changes from year to year!

After brunch we got a couple of quick errands done and then we went home for Julia’s nap.  After she woke up from her nap, it was kind of gross and rainy outside so we decided to head to Storyville for some indoor fun!  Julia & I had been once to Storyville but this was Ken’s first time there.  We had a lot of fun letting Julia play and we ran into some Medicine residents from the hospital who Ken knew–they were there playing with their daughter who’s exactly one month older than Julia.

After Storyville we came home to make dinner and put Julia to sleep.  After dinner we watched the movie Frida, about the artist Frida Kahlo.  It was a much needed quiet evening at home!

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Miss Shirley’s Cafe.  Julia had fun pointing out all the babies who were there and flirting with one little 10-month old boy in particular!

After breakfast we went home to get ready and play at home a little bit… Julia has learned to roll her tongue and of course she still loves taking selfies making silly faces: 5.12.2014(4)



and she wanted to read books in the rocking chair! 5.12.2014(5)Once we were ready for the game we headed downtown for lunch and the Orioles game!  5.12.2014(16)



Julia’s favorite thing about the game was definitely the music and clapping… every time music would come on, she’d start dancing on one of our laps.  She also got a big kick out of all the clapping.  At one point she started to get very fussy so I put her in the Ergo and let her nurse while we walked around and then she fell asleep and took a 40 minute nap in the Ergo while I walked around with her!  5.12.2014(6)

Baseball games are much harder to go to with her now that she can walk around since she’s no longer happy just sitting on our laps and people watching.  She wants to be moving around, dancing, clapping, interacting with people and doing stuff.  Luckily the next game we go to with her will be when Ken’s parents are in town so we’ll have 2 more sets of hands!

All in all it was an absolutely lovely weekend spent as a family.  We definitely need more weekends like that!

Coming up this week we’re flying to San Francisco on Thursday to visit with my parents and for my 10-year high school reunion!  I’m kind of terrified about a non-stop cross-country flight with a 19-month old but if we look at the whole thing as a big adventure I have a feeling we will be just fine.  To be honest I’m not worried about getting to the airport, getting through security or the flight itself… the only thing I’m really worried about is take-off and landing since both require that Julia sit on our laps for 15-20 minutes without squirming around too much and without getting up and without any videos to distract her and keep her occupied.  Once we’re in the air we can let her walk around the cabin, say hi to everyone, we can show her Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies episodes and we can let her play with whatever toys she wants.  Of course I’ll update after our flight but for now, please keep your fingers crossed for an easy and quiet flight to San Francisco later this week!



One thought on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. You’re coming on United aren’t you? They allow, as so other airlines, “small”electronics such as phones and tablets to remain on during takeoff and landing. No internet but if you have something already down loaded she can watch. I know that helps her sit still.


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