San Francisco

We got back last night from a wonderful trip to San Francisco!  We flew in Thursday morning (Julia did really well on the flight there) and spent the morning playing at home before heading to the zoo.  Julia had fun trying on my necklace and my mom’s sun hat! 5.21.2014(18)

I’m not sure how much Julia was really able to take in but my parents, Ken & I had the most fun watching the gorillas.  There was a 10-month old baby gorilla who was absolutely adorable.  It was so fun to watch the way the gorillas interacted with one another and the way the male gorilla really asserted his dominance.  Julia did seem to enjoy the petting zoo, too! 5.21.2014(17)

After the zoo we all went to lunch right by the Ocean and then we headed home for Julia to take a nap!

My best friend Julia came over in the evening with her parents for dinner but since Baby Julia was still on East Coast time, she had to go to sleep half way through dinner.  It was fun seeing Julia & her parents and getting to catch up with them!  5.21.2014(16)

Friday morning Baby Julia was still on East Coast time so she woke up at 4 AM… that was pretty painful and made for a sleepy day for me & Ken.  We went with my mom to the Exploratorium in the morning, where Julia had fun playing with bubbles, lights and sounds.  Overall I would say it’s a museum for older kids but she did have fun running around until it got a bit too crowded with school groups.  The older she gets the more fun it will be to take her to places like that but I think next time we’ll aim for the Children’s Discovery Museum in Sausalito, which I have heard is a bit more toddler-friendly.

Friday afternoon Julia stayed home to play with Grandma & Grandpa while Ken and I went into the city to meet up with Amelie for the Decorator Showcase, a fundraiser for the high school we went to.  The house was beautiful, the garden was lush and we enjoyed the special wine event they had for alumni!

We picked up Ken’s brother Adam and his girlfriend Jenn on our way back home and Omar was there when we arrived.  It was fun seeing them, and Ken always has fun reconnecting with his best friend from high school! 5.21.2014(15)

While we were out, my mom put Julia down for what she thought would be a nap around 5 PM but Julia apparently thought it was bedtime since she was still sleeping at 7 PM when we got home.  We made the difficult decision to wake her up to make her eat some dinner, have a bath and then go back to sleep but I think it was the right decision since the next morning she slept until 5:45 rather than 4 AM like the previous morning!

Saturday we spent the day playing around the house and at a couple different playgrounds.  Julia had tons of fun with Grandma & Grandpa and she LOVED playing on the big slide at the playground!5.21.2014(14)




It was amazing to see how fearless she was going down the big slide all by herself!  We have such a brave little girl!

Saturday evening we went to my 10-year high school reunion while Julia stayed home with her babysitters: Grandma & Grandpa.  Grandpa read her bedtime stories and Grandma snapped the sweetest picture of the two of them!5.21.2014(19)

The reunion was a lot of fun… out of the 100 or so people from my class I would say a good 30 showed up to the reunion.  It was really nice seeing those I was friends with and reconnecting with some I hadn’t seen in a while.  5.21.2014(10)

I would say overall I’m really glad I went and UHS definitely can put on a good party!  There was even an after party and then Amelie, Ken & I made our own after-after party (i.e. a midnight snack at Mel’s!)

Sunday we went to Douglas Playground in Noe Valley to meet up with some of the Pumpkin Patch Mamas & Babies and then we went to lunch with them at Barney’s.  There were 2 Mama/Baby pairs we had met previously and two we had not yet met.  There was also one other dad who came along so Ken enjoyed chatting with him.  This was the playground I used to go to as a little kid and though it was different than I had remembered it, it was just the right size for our group of toddlers.  They had some baby swings, slides and lots of sand in which to run around! 5.21.2014(9)



I’ve said it before… but I’m so thankful for the Pumpkin Patch since it means that we have baby friends Julia’s age all over the country and can have play dates with them whenever we are in their part of the world.  It’s great to meet up with other moms who are going through the same thing and it’s almost like being a part of a small sorority.  It’s been a wonderful resource the past 2 years (since the group started while we were all still pregnant!)

Sunday afternoon  my parents had some friends over for a wine & cheese party.  Julia was really on the whole day so when the party was over she crashed.  She had a lot of fun showing off, dancing, saying hi to everyone and playing with the next door neighbors’ daughter, Elizabeth, who is just over 2.  It was really great to see everyone–especially my godmother Sheila!

Monday we spent the day in wine country–we visited a few different wineries for tastings and enjoyed a delicious lunch at a Mexican restaurant (where Julia called her quesadilla a “pizza”!)  5.21.2014(6)



After a wonderful visit with my parents we had a long day of traveling yesterday but Julia was quite the trooper!  5.21.2014(3)


5.21.2014We got home late last night and apparently Julia had adjusted to California time since this morning she slept in until 8:45 AM!  I’m hoping she’ll be back on Baltimore time within a day or two so we can get back to her regular schedule.  Since we don’t like to have a lot of downtime, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of us… first up, a parents’ night out tomorrow night with Amelia’s Mommy & Daddy and then Saturday morning Ken’s parents are arriving for the holiday weekend!



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