Bubbie & Zaydie’s Visit

It’s been a while since I’ve written… Ken’s parents were here for a lovely visit over the Memorial Day Weekend!  They flew in Saturday morning–Ken and Julia went to pick them up from the airport and then we spent much of Saturday getting errands done and relaxing around the house.  Saturday evening we all went over to my cousin Rachel’s house for my cousin David’s law school graduation party!  He officially graduated in December but he’s been working for the IRS for a few years now so the graduation was more of a formality for him.  It was great to see my Uncle Neil & Aunt Karen, Aunt Lynda & Uncle Billy, my cousins Morgan, Alivia, Rachel & David and to meet some of Rachel’s & David’s friends.  Rachel is quite the hostess when it comes to parties so there was a huge and lovely spread with many options to choose from.  We stayed for a couple of hours and then headed home to get Julia to bed.

Sunday morning we went to brunch with some of Mona’s cousins–their son, David, is moving to Baltimore to do a graduate program at Hopkins so we have a new cousin in town.  It was great to see them and give him some information about great places to check out in the city.  I’m sure we’ll see him more than a few times over the next year while he’s here.6.6.2014

After brunch we did a little shopping at Target before heading home to get ready for the ORIOLES game!  The O’s won and Julia did fairly well at the game… she hit her limit after about 3 hours, at which time Mona & Robert started walking (no… running is more accurate) around the stadium with her.  After the game we headed home for some take out from One World Cafe!6.6.2014(2)


Monday I had to come in to get a little work done and Ken was on call so he had a couple of patients to see.  Mona, Robert & I took Julia out for ice cream in the afternoon and then we dropped them off at the airport for their trip back to Connecticut.6.6.2014(4)

Julia had lots of fun with them this weekend and, though I’ve said it before, she is such a lucky girl to have four grandparents (and a great grandparent) who all love her so much!



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