This past weekend was a very busy one but we did have a lot of fun…

Friday after work we went out for Happy Hour.  One of the good friends I’ve made at work, Bella, is moving on to bigger and better things (AKA Grad School) so we had a little going away party for her and a Happy Hour. 6.6.2014(5)


Luckily the place she chose to have the Happy Hour was “child friendly.”  I called ahead of time to make sure it would be okay to bring Julia with us.  She was happy sitting still at the table for a little while–we ordered her some French fries and let her watch Sesame Street on my phone–but once she got restless we alternated sitting and running around the restaurant with her.  Nobody had a problem with her running around though since the place was already loud as it was, and everyone was just standing around drinking and having a good time.  6.6.2014(7)


We had a great time and I’m glad we were able to be there to congratulate Bella and say goodbye.  Luckily she’ll still be in Baltimore so I’m sure we’ll see her, it just won’t be the same as working with her!

When we got home from Happy Hour, Julia had fun trying on Daddy’s glasses before heading to bed!6.6.2014(8)

The next morning we met up with our friend Ben for breakfast!  We had a lovely time at breakfast until this very unpleasant couple in their 40’s came in (mind you, this was at a family-friendly restaurant at 9:15 in the morning for breakfast on a Saturday) and decided that Julia was being too loud for them (yes, she’s loud.  She’s a toddler.  But she was happy and singing “EIEIO…”) so first the lady looked at me and asked me to try to keep it down… I looked apologetically at her and told her I would try.  (You try keeping a happy and excited 19-month old quiet in a restaurant!)  A few minutes later, I heard her say very loudly to her husband, that we were being “ridiculous” and then when Julia had had enough of sitting in her high chair and we let her out (Ken walked around the restaurant with Julia who, in her very friendly way, went over to this couple to say “hi” to them), the lady looked at Julia, put her finger up to her mouth and told Julia to “shhhhh”.  At that point I was kind of speechless and shocked, so Ken took her outside while Ben & I quickly paid and left.  That was the first time I had ever encountered such intolerance of our adorable little girl… I didn’t even know what to make of it.  It would have been one thing if we were in a fancy restaurant, or if we had been out at 8 in the evening, or if Julia had been screaming, or crying, or if the restaurant had been very busy… but this was 9 in the morning at breakfast at a family-friendly restaurant.  There were maybe 3 (of about 20) tables occupied.  I solicited opinions afterward but eventually came to the conclusion that this woman was probably just a miserable human being in general and if she can’t get joy from seeing cute little kids, I feel bad for her.


After breakfast, we stopped over at a brand new playground in Federal Hill.  The playground was lovely and apparently they are still building another section of it!  6.6.2014(11)

It was fun for Julia to have Ben to play with.  She had a lot of fun in the sandbox and then going down the big slide on Daddy’s lap! 6.6.2014(18)

After the playground, we went to a birthday party for two little girls who just turned 2.  They had their party at the Downtown Baltimore JCC which is a perfect location for a birthday party since they have a bunch of different rooms with all kinds of toys for kids of all ages.  It’s also an enclosed space so you don’t have to keep a super close eye on your kid and there’s enough room for the parents to sit and chat while the kids run around and play.  Julia had a lot of fun and we met some really nice parents! 6.6.2014(14)

After the birthday party, we went with our friends Pete & Sarah and their little boy James, on a walk around Federal Hill and the Inner Harbor.  We got lunch at a cafe in the Harbor before checking out the Aquarium.  They have a membership to the Aquarium that allows them to bring guests so we got in for free!  Surprisingly this was our first time at the Aquarium since moving back to Baltimore.  It was a lot of fun and since we didn’t have to pay we felt like it was okay to just go straight towards the fish and animals that we wanted to see.

I loved seeing the Octopus tanks! 6.6.2014(10)


and Julia really loved watching the Dolphins.  Every time they swam by she would wave at them and say “hi” and then when they swam away, she’d say “Bye bye.”  She kept calling them “fishies” and making fishy faces at them, too.

After the Aquarium we went to an outdoor pool with some other friends to go swimming.  This was Julia’s first time swimming in quite a while so it was fun to have her in the water.  It took her a little while to warm up to the water but once she did she had such a great time!  6.6.2014(16)

She loved splashing around in these fountains they had, though she was a little hesitant to run through them… she kept putting her hand in them and then would run around them.  It was adorable to watch! 6.6.2014(17)


The pool also had a nice little playground for the kids to run around, and of course Julia gravitated toward the tunnel that had sand in it.  She loves to play in sand, so I’m really excited about taking her to the beach in Aruba when we go in August!  6.6.2014(13)After the pool it was finally time to head home to get some rest.

Sunday we drove to Philadelphia to visit my Uncle Neil in the hospital.  It was nice to see my Aunt & Uncle and it was the first time my cousins got to meet Julia!  6.6.2014(19)

We figured out that the last time we saw each other was in 2010 when Lily was looking at colleges and came to New Orleans to look at Loyola.  A lot has changed since then but it was so nice to see them!

Wednesday this week was Shavuot, so daycare was closed and I got to spend the day at home with Julia.  In the morning Sabrina came over with her two little boys… we took the kids to a playground near us to let them run around and play.  After that we headed over to Chipotle for lunch and then we played at home for a little bit before they had to head home.  6.6.2014(20)

After they left, my friend Leah came down to Baltimore from Philly and she spent the afternoon and evening with us!  We went to Chabad to hear the 10 Commandments and to eat some cheese cake and ice cream–on Shavuot, the tradition is to have dairy meals and to have cheesecake for dessert.  It was a lot of fun and most of all it was great to catch up with Leah!6.6.2014(21)

We’ve been super busy lately with traveling and visitors and we could really use a lazy weekend at home as a family but, as they say, there’s no rest for the weary… we have another crazy weekend ahead of us… tonight we’re going out for a “Family Date Night” since we haven’t had one of those in a while.  Of course we’ll have to see how Julia is when I pick her up tonight but we’re thinking of going out for dinner or maybe checking out an outdoor concert and having a picnic dinner.  Tomorrow we’ll take it easy for the most part, other than having brunch with my dear friend Blair who’s coming to Baltimore!  Then Sunday we are driving up to New York for the day to go to our nephew Jonah’s birthday party.  It’s a 3.5 hour drive so we’ll be driving 7 hours to be there for a 3-4 hour party.  It’ll be a little crazy… and I’m anticipating that Julia will be very restless by the time we get there… but that’s the plan!

Next weekend Ken’s cousin Paige will be visiting us here in Baltimore.  We are definitely looking forward to spending some time with her and I’m excited that Julia will get some quality time with her one-on-one.  The weekend after that, Ken is on call so who knows what that weekend will bring.  Then the weekend after that, my mom will be in town and we’ll be driving up to Rhode Island for our cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.  Finally, the weekend after that is 4th of July weekend (and our 5-year wedding anniversary!) so we’ll (probably) head up to New Jersey to see my Aunt & Uncle and go to the beach.  After that we have 4 weekends at home with no plans, no visitors and no call for Ken and then we’re going on our first family summer vacation to Aruba!



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