20 Months Old!

On Sunday, in addition to getting sick, Julia turned 20 months old!  20 months old

At 20 months old she is definitely getting to a point where she has opinions and she wants to make sure that you know what her opinions are.  She also has a mind of her own and she is figuring out how to get what she wants.

I need to stop asking her questions such as “Should we go take a bath?”  “Do you want to go get dressed?”  “Is it time to go eat dinner?”  Since her inevitable answer is “No.”

Last night I put her to bed before heading off to go to a fundraiser event that some friends of mine planned.  Ken told me when I got home that 5 minutes after I left, Julia woke up and started crying so he went to check on her.  When he went into her room, she asked him to read her books so he agreed to read her two books and then told her that it was time to go to sleep.  She asked for “Mommy” and then laid down and went to sleep.  I fear she’s starting to get to that age when she’ll do whatever she can to delay bedtime…

Just one more story?  Can I have a cup of milk?  You didn’t tuck me in well enough.  Please, just one more hug?  Another bedtime song?  Can you check my closet to make sure there are no ghosts?  And none under the bed, either?

Another area in which she is definitely starting to gain more skills is with her language… I’ve heard from a ton of people with 2-year olds that right before their kid’s second birthday, they had a big explosion in their language skills.  Where they were able to say a word here and there, they started stringing multiple words together and talking in complete sentences.  I can tell Julia is on the brink of that since she will put several words together without the connecting words but you can sort of get an idea of what she’s trying to say.  When she babbles, it often comes out sounding like toddler stream of consciousness: “Elmo.  Night night.  Bye bye.  Uppa.  Apple.  Daddy.  Poopoo.  Uh oh.  Baby.”  You can still get an idea of what she’s trying to say in context but she needs to learn some of the connection words!

The older she gets the more fun she is… it’s amazing watching her learn about the world around her, learning how to interact with different people, figuring out what things are, how things work and what her place is in this world.  This age definitely has its challenges (biting kids at daycare, biting me when we’re home, emotions surrounding our breastfeeding relationship coming to an end, temper tantrums, etc.) but as she learns, so are we.


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