Poor Baby :(

This past weekend we had planned to go to our nephew Jonah’s 3rd Birthday party… we had a lovely family day on Saturday–we got lunch as a family, got a couple errands done, met up with my dear friend Blair for lunch, and spent a lazy afternoon at home.  In the evening, Ken went to the Orioles game while I stayed home to start watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black (one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, for sure!)  I noticed a couple little bumps under Julia’s eye but didn’t think much of it since Ken wasn’t really sure what they were.  6.12.2014(11)

But then Sunday morning when we first woke up and started to get ready to leave for New York, it felt to me like Julia was a little warm… we took her temperature and sure enough she had a low-grade fever.  A couple of hours later and her temperature was up to 102.5 so we informed Ken’s parents and brother that we would not be coming to New York for the party since we didn’t want to get anyone sick.  We ended up spending a lazy day at home on Sunday and by the afternoon Julia had made it pretty clear she was not feeling well.  She had a couple little sores on the tip of her tongue and she didn’t want to eat or drink anything.

Monday morning when we woke up, Julia still had a fever and her tongue looked absolutely awful.  She refused to nurse, wouldn’t eat or drink anything and just seemed to be feeling miserable.  6.12.2014(10)

Julia’s one of those kids who is usually herself even with a fever but when she starts to act like she’s not feeling well we can tell she’s actually sick.  So I took Julia to the doctor Monday morning, where she was diagnosed with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.  It’s one of the 5 common childhood illnesses that kids get and that leave them with a fever and a rash.  Roseola is another, as is Slap-Cheek (aka Fifths Disease).  Monday afternoon Julia was really unhappy and seemed to be in a lot of pain.  I ended up putting bibs on her all day since she couldn’t keep her mouth closed and was drooling all over herself.  Poor little thing.

Julia’s fever broke Monday night into Tuesday but she was still not acting herself on Tuesday since she still had the sores on her tongue and eating and drinking seemed to be painful for her, so we stayed home Tuesday as well.  In the afternoon we took a nice long Mommy & Baby nap together! 6.12.2014(9)

Tuesday evening, Ken’s cousin Paige arrived from Boston.  She’s staying with us until Sunday and also visiting with some of her good friends from Grad School.  So far we’ve had a lovely visit with her!

We decided to give Julia one more day to recuperate so on Wednesday we joined Paige for a cousins adventure to Washington, DC.  Julia had a ton of fun on the train ride there!  6.12.2014(4)


She loved looking out the window at the trees, the cars, the train tracks, etc. 6.12.2014

Once we got there, we took the Metro over to a Thai Restaurant, where we met up with one of Paige’s friends from college.  We ordered Julia a bowl of rice, which she loved playing with (and maybe eating?) but more rice definitely ended up on her shirt, in her hair, on the table and on the floor than actually got into her belly!  6.12.2014(2)

After lunch we walked around for a while… we saw the White House and the Capital Building… 6.12.2014(6)


and then it was sooooooo hot and we were getting soooooooo sweaty and sticky so we decided to stop in a little grassy area for a bit to let Julia run around and for us to cool off in the shade.  6.12.2014(8)

After that we headed back to the train station and hopped aboard a train back to Baltimore.

Today, Julia is back at daycare and Paige is spending the afternoon with some of her grad school friends.  We have big plans for this weekend… the Pride Parade on Saturday, followed by Father’s Day Brunch and the Orioles Game on Sunday!

I’m just glad Julia got through that illness fairly unscathed and she seems to be back to her normal and happy self today.  It’s hard to see your baby feeling so miserable and not really being able to help them.


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