Mmmmmmmmmm…. bee-da

These days, driving with Julia in the car feels very much like a chore.  Just getting her into the car can be a struggle of epic proportions as she doesn’t want to sit down and she becomes a contortionist who will squirm out of the carseat and out of your arms.  She also is prone to screaming very loudly and making those around me think that I am kidnapping her.  Once we get in the car, she’s not happy to sit in silence contemplating the day she just had and she certainly doesn’t want to let me listen to music or news on the radio.  Rather, she’d prefer that I sing to her.  Nonstop.

Once we get moving, she starts whining, so we have the following conversation:

Me: Julia, what’s wrong?

Julia: silence…

Me: Do you want Mommy to sing you a song?

Julia: Yeah.

Me: What song should I sing?

Julia: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm bee-da.

Me: What song?

Julia: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh bee-da.

Me: Okay.

Then I sing the Alphabet, or Baa Baa Black Sheep, or some other kids song.  Then the minute I finish, she starts whining again.

Me: Julia, do you want Mommy to sing another song?

Julia: Yeah.

Me: Okay, what song should I sing?

Julia: Mmmmmmmmmm bee-da.

And this continues until we get to our final destination.  She won’t let me put on the radio or Pandora, even with one of their lovely children’s music stations.  Nope… she just wants to hear my lovely voice the whole way home!

I love the fact that she gives me the same answer every time I ask her what song I should sing… and the way she acts like she’s thinking about it.  Hmmm… what song do I want to hear?  Oh of course… bee-da.  (I have no idea what that means, but it doesn’t seem to be a particular song since she’s happy with any song I proceed to sing.)

What a silly girl we have! 🙂


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