Talking more and more

Julia is talking more and more every day.  She points out everything that she notices and her speech is like a constant stream of consciousness.  This is often how it goes:

“Airplane.  Bye bye.  Car.  Beep beep.  Flower.  Shoes.  Mommy.  Daddy.  Rios (cheerios).  Cheese.  Milk.  Oh Mommy.  I lyu (I love you).  Duck. Bye bye.”  6.26.2014(8)

She’s also starting to express her desires more.  This morning, for example, we let her run around the hallway upstairs and she came over to the bed, where Ken and I were both still in the process of waking up and preparing to face the day (it didn’t help that Julia woke up at 3:30 AM!).  She said to Ken, “Out.  Uppa.  Down.  Eat.”  Clearly she wanted him to get out of bed, get up and go downstairs so she could eat something.  We asked her what she wanted to eat and she said “Rios” (aka cheerios).  It’s wonderful that she’s able to communicate to us what she wants because it makes for fewer frustrations throughout the day.  I’m sure that the older she gets the easier this will become too.

Last weekend, even though Julia was sick with an ear infection, and even though Ken was on call, we somehow managed to have a wonderful weekend with lots of family time.6.26.2014(7)

Saturday morning we went to the Climb out of the Darkness walk, to raise awareness about Post-Partum Mood Disorders.   We had a great time spending time with our friends who organized the walk, and Julia had fun running around outside with her friends and hugging trees.  After the walk we came home for Julia’s nap and spent the afternoon relaxing at home.  6.25.2014


Sunday we had a family breakfast out at a little cafe and then we took a lovely walk around in the Cylburn Arboretum.  Julia loved running around in the grass, looking at the flowers and just being outside with both of us.  6.26.2014(4)



In the afternoon we went to the end-of-the-year party for the Ophthalmology Department.  It was at the home of one of the doctors and his home is absolutely stunning.  Julia had lots of fun splashing in the fountain and then when it was time to eat she enjoyed mango salsa and black beans (dinner was a taco buffet!)  It’s hard to believe our first year (back) in Baltimore has come to an end.  In some ways it feels like we’ve been back for a decade and in some ways it feels like it was just yesterday that we moved. 6.26.2014(3)

On Tuesday we took Julia to vote… this was her second year in a row going with us to vote and we intend to take her with us every year for elections.  I have very fond memories of going with my mom when I was a little girl.  She would let me poke the holes in the ballot and I always felt like I was such a big girl for helping her out.  I also remember liking the “I voted” stickers.  I think it’s so important to teach kids about the importance of voting from an early age… it teaches them the importance of being an informed citizen and working to improve the community in which you live and work.  It’s so important and I’m glad that Ken and I are very clearly on the same page about that.  When Julia’s old enough I fully intend to let her click on my choices and help in whatever way she can with voting.  6.26.2014This afternoon my mom is driving down to Baltimore from Atlantic City, where she was visiting my Aunt & Uncle & cousins.  She’ll spend the day with Julia tomorrow while I go to work and then on Saturday we’re having a mother/daughter/grandmother road trip up to Rhode Island for my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.  Monday we’ll drive back, making a stop in New York for lunch and to see my mom’s friend Leslie and her new identical twin grandsons.  We should be back in Baltimore in time for bedtime and then Tuesday morning my mom leaves to head home.  I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my mom and I’m excited that Julia will get in some good one-on-one time with her, too!  That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures after this exciting weekend coming up!


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