Conversation with a 20-month old

Just spent a lovely weekend with Julia & my Mama (who is now officially going by “Gagee” since that’s what Julia insists on calling her).  Somehow I managed to take hardly any photos but we had a lovely time driving up to Rhode Island for a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.  What matters more than telling you all the details of our trip are that we made some wonderful memories and that Julia and my mom had lots of time to bond.  7.2.2014(4)

In other news, this was a conversation Ken had with Julia last night:


Ken: Julia, what do lions say?

Julia: ROAR

Ken: What do doggies say?

Julia: Woof woof.

Ken: What do Mommies say?

Julia: I love you.

7.2.2014This weekend we’ll be spending the weekend together as a family… we’re going on a road trip to Pittsburgh!  Why Pittsburgh, you may ask?  Because we’ve never been there, it’s fairly close (4.5 hours) to Baltimore, we have friends who live there and offered to let us stay with them for free, and why not?  It’ll be an adventure!  And we can celebrate our 5-year anniversary at a Pirates vs. Phillies game!



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