Pittsburgh & Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Us!

This past weekend we took a little family trip to Pittsburgh!  “Why Pittsburgh?” you might ask… Our answer would be, “Why not?!”  I had been to Pittsburgh once before with Jim about 9 years ago on our drive across the country from San Francisco to Baltimore (we drove across the country so I could have a car with me in college).  Ken, however, had never been to Pittsburgh other than for a brief college visit.  We figured it was only a 4-hour drive and we had a couple friends to see and thought it would be a fun adventure.  When we called the friends we knew there (Kellen & Katie) to ask for recommendations about where to stay, they offered to host us… even better!

So Friday morning we packed up the car and drove to Pittsburgh!  Our stubborn little girl refused to sleep in the car so when we got there we headed out on a walk and she fell asleep in the stroller on our way to lunch.  We had lunch at a great little hot dog and beer place.  While Julia slept, I got to hold Kellen & Katie’s baby.  Her name is Amelia and she is 6 months old and absolutely adorable!  7.7.2014(21)

It’s hard to remember Julia ever being that young or that small, but she was!  It’s a good thing Julia was sleeping when we took this picture since Julia does NOT like it when I hold babies!  She loves saying hi to babies, tickling their toes and playing with their toys but she does not like it when they take my attention away from her.

After lunch we went back to Kellen & Katie’s house to relax for the afternoon until Kellen got home from work.  Then some friends of theirs came over for a BBQ.  We grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs and had a little picnic in their backyard.  It was lovely and quite relaxing!

Friday night Julia slept horribly so she was a bit of a mess during the day on Saturday.  Somehow we still managed to have a great day.  It was also our 5-year wedding anniversary so it was very meaningful to spend the day together as a family.  We started out by going to a little breakfast place not too far from Kellen & Katie’s house.  After breakfast we headed out to be tourists for the day!  We drove over to the Incline, but Julia fell asleep in the car so we waited in the car for a while while she napped.  7.7.2014(20)


Once she woke up we got in line to go up the Incline! 7.7.2014(18)

The whole way up Julia kept saying “wee!”  and “uppa!”  She loved looking out the window! 7.7.2014(22)


There were beautiful views of the city from the top of the hill! 7.7.2014(16)



When we came back down, we headed over towards the ballpark and grabbed lunch at a little Mediterranean restaurant not too far from the Baseball stadium.  Julia enjoyed her “Rie” (rice) and “free fry” (French fries) while we had some delicious food as well.

We then went over to the ballpark to check it out…7.7.2014(13)

We had great seats and really enjoyed the experience of being there.  The folks working there were all very friendly and it was a very good baseball-watching experience.  Julia had lots of fun, too! 7.7.2014(23)



She started to get super fussy after waking up from a nap in my arms so we ended up leaving after the 7th inning and we went to dinner at a brewpub that was in an old Roman Catholic Church.  After dinner it was definitely time to go home and go to sleep.  Thankfully Julia slept much better Saturday night and was in a great mood Sunday morning!  7.7.2014(11)

We went to breakfast first at a local waffle place and then we went for a walk around the baseball stadium before going to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.  The Museum was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone with little kids visiting Pittsburgh!  We started out in their “art studio” where Julia loved painting and doing some other artwork. 7.7.2014(2)


7.7.2014(3)We then went up to their “Nursery” which they recommend for children ages 3 and under.  There were lots of tactile things for her to play with, blocks, books, soft areas to climb around, and other fun things to do and play with.7.7.2014(9)We then hit up their “Water Play” area which was a giant water room.  Julia absolutely LOVED playing in there.  She got to paint with water: 7.7.2014(5)And she loved “playing with” (aka eating) ice!7.7.2014(10)

She also loved filling up this bucket with water and then dumping it on herself!  7.7.2014(6)

Luckily they had smocks so she didn’t get too wet.  After the water area we checked out the permanent exhibits at the Museum before grabbing lunch and heading home to Baltimore.7.7.2014(7)



All in all it was a great weekend–it was so nice to spend our Anniversary together as a family.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to enjoy eachother’s company.  I’ve always thought that Ken & I travel well together because we are both very much okay with not having a set agenda.  We have an idea of the things we’d like to do or see but we don’t feel any pressure to do anything if we don’t want to.  We’re also very “go with the flow” when it comes to travel.  We’re willing to decide at the spur of the moment to change our plans or to pick a restaurant based on what we feel like eating that day rather than having specific places picked out ahead of time.  It was great not to have any set agenda or plans while we were in town and to just be together.  I’m really looking forward to our trip to Aruba in a few weeks since we’ll have a whole week to do that in a beautiful setting with the beach and pool close by!

On the way back from Pittsburgh we stopped in Carlisle, PA, where Ken spent 6 summers at CTY.  We ate at a diner he remembered going to back in the day and then we got some delicious Frozen Custard!

Happy 5-year anniversary to my main squeeze.  I love you and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match!  You are an amazing husband to me and father to Julia.  Here’s to many more wonderful years together!



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