Busy weekends seem to be our thing…

It seems that every Monday when I come here to write a blog post about our weekend, I always want to start by saying that we had a crazy and very busy but very fun weekend.  That seems to me our MO.  We have always liked staying busy and social but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming and we just need a weekend to veg.  Unfortunately, vegging is a little bit challenging with a very active toddler who likes to stay busy herself, but sometimes we really need to.  This past weekend was not one that involved much vegging but we did have a ton of fun!

Friday I picked up Julia from daycare and we stopped briefly at the grocery store on our way home.  Julia did NOT want to sit down in the seat of the grocery cart so, rather than dealing with a screaming toddler or aborting our grocery shopping attempt, I gave in and let her stand up in the main section of the cart.  We only had to pick up a few things (chips, salsa & guac for a party we were going to that evening) so I figured it wouldn’t take long and I made sure she held on the whole time.


She absolutely LOVED being able to stand up in the cart.  Like I said, she held on the whole time and she said hi to just about everyone we passed by.  It made for a much less stressful trip to the grocery store than when she’s sitting in the seat and pulling at my shirt or demanding my constant attention.  My mom warned me about the dangers of letting a toddler stand in a grocery cart (apparently we had an incident when I was Julia’s age) but I choose to pick my battles and sometimes you just need to get your grocery shopping done in a peaceful manner.  Unlike the carseat in the car, or holding hands when walking across the street, I do not feel that this is worth fighting about.

After we picked up the few things we needed, we went home and then went over to our neighbor’s house for a little BBQ get-together with a bunch of folks from the community.  It was a really fun group and Julia had a lot of fun playing with the other kids her age in the alley.  They ran up and down the alley chasing balls.  We had a great time! 7.14.14(13)

Oddly enough, this same group of neighbors got together this week last year (they came over to welcome us to the neighborhood) and we took almost the same exact photo in the same exact order.  Here are the two photos for comparison’s sake: 7.14.14(12)

After the party we went back home for bedtime!

Saturday morning our friends Shaun & Pearl (with whom Ken went to Medical School) came in from Delaware to spend the morning with us.  They are expecting a baby in November so they enjoyed picking our brains about baby gear, baby proofing, sleep, breastfeeding, daycare, etc. and we had a lot of fun catching up with them.  We first went to Breakfast at Miss Shirley’s 7.14.14(11)

and then we headed down to Fells Point to walk around a bit.  We happened upon a cute little farmer’s market, got some gelato, checked out a couple of baby stores and then it was time for them to head home.  In the afternoon we went on a nice long family walk before heading home to make dinner.

Sunday morning we found ourselves eating out for breakfast again… this time with Ken’s cousin, David.  We went to Golden West Cafe, where Julia decided she wanted to get inside the menu!  She was such a little goof ball!  7.14.14(8)


After breakfast we headed back home, where Julia refused to take a nap… so we let her play for a bit and then we hung out on the porch while we waited for the rain to pass by.  7.14.14(10)


Once the rain passed, we headed out on a nice long walk (aka Julia’s nap) and Ken & I got a couple of sandwiches to have a picnic on the Hopkins campus!  It was a lovely and relaxing afternoon spent together as a family.  Just what I like 🙂 7.14.14(5)


When we got home from our walk, a new friend came over with her little girl for a playdate and then Ken & I had a date night!  We went out to dinner at a pub downtown and then headed over to Camden Yards!  7.14.14(4)


The game started out with a Yankees homerun, which made us sad: 7.14.14(2)

but then the Orioles pulled ahead by the bottom of the 5th inning and they were winning 3-1 when it started to feel like a thunderstorm was brewing! 7.14.14

We quickly headed inside and waited until the rain died down a little before heading home.  The rain delay lasted quite a while and ultimately the game was called.  The O’s won and beat the Yankees 2 games to 1 for this series.

This week we’ve got some excitement coming up… Ken’s mom is flying in on Thursday and staying with us until Tuesday.  I’m having a minor medical procedure done on Monday so she’ll be here to help out with Julia at home.  Thursday evening we had plans already to get dinner with our friends Kim & Zev, so we’ll be trying out a sushi place on Charles Street.  Yum yum!


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