Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for many things…

1) I’m thankful for my health.  I’m thankful that the medical procedure I had yesterday went very well and that at the end of the day I was able to snuggle with my little monkey and take some silly face pictures with her!




2) I’m thankful that my Mother-in-Law was able to come spend the long weekend with us to help take care of me, help take care of Julia and spend some quality time with us! 7.22.2014(8)

3) I’m thankful for Ken.  This morning, while I was getting ready to leave for work, Mona and I were hanging out with Julia on the front porch and a young man walked by with 6-month old twin boys.  We started up a bit of small talk with him and in our 2-minute conversation with him, we found out that his fiancee passed away since the boys were born.  I cannot imagine raising one baby by myself, let alone two.  Meeting this young man who is a single father raising two little boys all on his own made me feel very thankful for having such a wonderful partner in this parenting adventure.



4) I’m thankful that we both have parents (and that Julia has 4 grandparents) who love us and don’t mind babysitting when they come to visit so that we can have a night out just the two of us or with friends.  Parents need time to themselves now and then to be together as a couple or even to be alone as separate grownup individuals and I’m thankful that our parents understand that and grant us that luxury when they come to visit.  I’m also thankful that Ken and I understand that enough to give each other time to do our own thing.  I’ve encouraged him to join a Masonic Lodge here in Maryland and I’m hoping he’ll take the time to find one he likes.  He’s encouraged me to get involved in a Mommy book-club and a Jewish women’s leadership program and to take nights out for myself when I need to.  7.22.2014(4)

5) Even though I’m exhausted and worn out (we did a lot of walking this weekend and were very active!), I’m thankful for the weekend we just had.  We had a wonderful time together as a family and it was great that Julia and her Bubbie were able to spend so much quality time together. 7.22.2014(9)





6) Finally, I’m so very thankful for this little girl who has added so much to our lives.  Yes, she’s very frustrating at times (like this morning when she woke up at 3:30 AM) and yes she’s a handful (like when she has temper tantrums for no apparent reason) but I’m so grateful that she’s ours and I love watching her grow and develop into a curious, friendly, loving, creative little girl.  The time definitely goes by way too fast but I’m so glad we’re able to watch her develop.  We have several friends recently who have had troubles… trouble getting pregnant, trouble staying pregnant, babies born with health problems who had to stay in the NICU for a period of time, babies who needed to have emergency surgery shortly after birth, and seeing other people go through those stressful times makes me even more grateful that we have such a beautiful, healthy little girl who is thriving in every way possible.  My heart explodes with love for her at times and I’m so very grateful she’s ours.  7.22.2014(14)



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