What’s your name?

This weekend, Julia learned an important thing: her name!  We started telling her, “your name is Julia” and then asking her, “what’s your name?”  Two times it actually sounded like Julia and then it started sounding more like “Jew-ah” but it was very cute and by the end of the weekend she was reliably answering the question!

Even though Ken was on call this weekend, we had a surprisingly lovely and low-key weekend.  It’s kind of ironic that it takes Ken being on call for us to have a quiet weekend at home but I think it’s because we know he can’t commit to anything so we make fewer plans those weekends.

Friday night after picking up Julia, we made dinner at home, which consisted of coconut-crusted tilapia and steamed artichokes with garlic aioli.

Saturday Ken had a wet lab to go to at Hopkins while Julia and I played at home for a little bit.  Julia “nursed” her Elmo doll:8.4.2014(10)


and read a few books while sitting in her chair: 8.4.2014(9)

Then, we went to her friend Amelia’s second birthday party!  (Amelia’s Mama, Kim, writes a very funny blog about Amelia!  You can read it here.)  Julia had tons of fun playing in the pool they set up in their backyard (and drinking the pool water!) 8.4.2014(7)

As soon as she saw that there was a pool she started asking to take off her clothes and get into her bathing suit.  She sure loves being in the water!  She also enjoyed eating a cupcake 8.4.2014(8)

and some crackers while sitting in Amelia’s chair! 8.4.2014(6)

At one point, one of Amelia’s grandmothers was reading stories to a little boy and Julia climbed right into her lap so she would read to her as well.  I love how Julia doesn’t care whose Grandma someone is: she will gladly climb into a Grandma’s lap if it means she’ll have stories read to her!

After the birthday party we came home for a lovely Mommy & Baby nap, then we played at home in the afternoon!  Julia had tons of fun getting dressed up in a hat and necklaces! 8.4.2014(4)


8.4.2014(3)Sunday Julia & I went swimming with my cousins, Rachel and David.  Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures but we had a lot of fun!  We went to a swim club not far from Rachel’s house.  They had a playground that Julia enjoyed, there was a perfectly sized kiddie pool for Julia to splash around in and she also asked to go in the big pool.  After the pool we came home for a nap and lunch, then some playground fun with our neighbor Addie & her mom Liz.  8.4.2014


I think Addie might be Julia’s favorite friend (or else she just has the easiest name to pronounce) since Julia talks about her a lot.  She mentions that we played with Addie’s doggies and that they played in the water at Addie’s house.  It’s pretty cute how much she loves her!

After the playground we came home for dinner and bedtime!

We have tons of excitement coming up… our friends Ed & Susan are coming in on Thursday from New Orleans and then on Monday we leave for Aruba!  We get back on the 17th from Aruba and then on the 29th, Julia and I leave for San Francisco for my best friend Julia’s bridal shower!


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