Petite Lemon!

Back around the time of Julia’s birthday, we decided to buy Julia a growth chart!  Ken’s parents offered to buy us one and we just needed to pick one out.  Having had luck with some of the shops on Etsy, I decided to go there to take a look.  I happened upon a shop called Petite Lemon which had some very cute designs!  I liked that it was based in my own hometown of San Francisco and I read through some of their previous reviews and saw that everyone had been very happy with their work.  The decor in Julia’s room is mostly purple so I was looking for something that would complement the other things in there… and I found this adorable Growth Chart with giraffes on it (you may not know this about me, but giraffes are my favorite animal!)! gc

I was in luck because it came in purple too, so we ordered it and had it personalized with Julia’s name on it!  We wanted it to be seen and not hidden away in her room so we hung it on the wall just outside her room, at the top of the stairs in our house.  Julia loves backing up to it to get measured.  We’ve been trying to measure her once a month and it’s amazing to see how much she grows and how quickly!

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram, and tagged #PetiteLemon in the photo!GC2

Well the shop owner contacted me to ask if they could feature the photo in their own blog and write a little about me and Julia!  Today they posted a lovely blog entry all about us!  Here’s the link where you can check it out: Petite Lemon Blog Post.

Pretty cool, huh?!


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