Stitch Fix #4

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I just got my 4th Stitch Fix box yesterday!  This time I was a little more specific with what I was looking for and I did some major editing of my Pinterest Board to make sure that it really reflected my tastes a little more.  I recently bought a pair of White Jeans so I asked for some tops that would look good with those.  I also asked for a Maxi Dress and I mentioned that I have a couple of events coming up (2 weddings plus the associated events–bridal shower, etc.) and that I could use some fun things to wear to those.  I mentioned that I wanted to branch out a little more into brighter colors/patterns as well.

As always, the box arrived right on time and everything was nicely packaged inside! SF8


There were some fun colors, patterns and textures, though I would really love for them to stop sending me so much black & white.   Yes, I wear a lot of black and white but my goal is to get away from that and add more color into my wardrobe, so these fun colors were great!


I really felt like the stylist paid attention to my pinterest board and my requests this time since I got 3 fairly versatile dresses and two tops that both work well with white jeans or for work.  Thank you, stylist! 🙂

I wish we could go outside and take artsy photos like I’ve seen on some fashion blogs, but let’s be honest… I’m a working mother with a busy and active toddler, my husband is busy and frequently on call.  Our house doesn’t look perfect like those of some of the bloggers and we don’t have a perfectly picturesque back yard in which to take well-posed, well-lit fashion photography.  This is real life!

Anyway… I tried everything on to see how it all fit and to start making some decisions!

First up, there was the Cheli Striped Maxi Dress, which is $68SF3

This dress fit well, was the perfect length, and the fabric is nice and soft.  The waist is elastic and kind of bunched up a little weird and I’m not really a big fan of the horizontal stripes.  I also don’t like the way that the stripes don’t match up on the two pieces of fabric above and below the elastic.  While $68 would be a reasonable price to pay for a dress like this if it were something I thought I would get a lot of wear out of, I really see it as being more of a summer-time dress: I imagine wearing it to the beach in Aruba, out to dinner a few times in the summer, maybe to some music festivals, etc.  I was recently at Target and saw a Maxi Dress available for $20 so I think this particular dress will be returned and instead I’ll go find a cheaper version at Target or Old Navy.

Next up there was the Ivy Embroidered Trim Tab-Sleeve Blouse, which is $68SF4

I tried this blouse on with my white jeans but I could also see wearing it with black pants, a jean skirt or another colored pencil skirt.  The material is a little scratchy but I like the embroidered detail, the tab sleeves and the v-neck.  The shirt fits really well, is the right length and I really like the deep blue color.  I haven’t yet decided about this shirt… but I could see this becoming a reliable work shirt!

Next up there was the Eames Gathered Waist Short Sleeve Shirt, which is $58SF5

This shirt is a very nice soft material.  I posted this photo on Facebook and got a bunch of compliments from people who said it’s very figure-flattering with the gathered waist.  I like the say it looks with white jeans and I also tried it on this morning with black pants.  I think it’s fairly versatile in that it can be dressed up or down depending on what else I wear with it.  Ken liked this shirt better than the other shirt… and I haven’t decided quite yet… but feel that I should keep one or the other (or maybe both if I can justify it!)

Next up there was a dress, the Wesley Printed Flutter Sleeve Dress, which is $98!

I was not a fan of this dress… it’s too short, not very flattering, and there was a kind of strange button at the v-neck designed to keep it closed but the button kept coming undone.  I wish I had liked this dress because if I had I could have kept the whole box and gotten the 25% discount for doing so.

Last, but not least, there was a dress, the Lex Textured FLoral Knit Fit & Flare Dress, for $74.  SF2

I loved this dress!  It’s almost a quilted material so it hangs nicely.  It zips up in the back.  The thing that’s nice about this dress is because it’s a heavier material, it can really be quite versatile… I can wear it alone with a pair of sandals in the summer or dress it up a little bit with boots and a jean jacket in the fall or if we’re going out to dinner or a wedding-related event I can add a cardigan, heels and some jewelry and it can be a little more fancy.  I LOVE IT! SF1 Definitely keeping this one!

So basically I have to decide… keep both shirts or just one?  I’m sending back the Maxi dress and getting a cheaper one from Target instead, and I’ll send back the polka-dot dress which was just totally unflattering.

I’m still waiting for that perfect box with five items I want to keep but I figure if I keep getting Fixes every few months, it’s bound to happen eventually!

And as always, if you’re interested in signing up, please feel free to use my referral link!


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