What does Daddy do?

In the past few days we’ve made a couple of additional meals from Blue Apron and all three meals we’ve made have been delicious.  A couple nights ago we made this Pan-Seared Salmon with Fennel & Heirloom Potato Salad which was fantastic! BA

And then last night we made Trofie Pasta with Golden Garlic & Heirloom Tomatoes, which was also a big hit!  I didn’t get a picture of the pasta since we started to gobble it all up as soon as it was ready but we served it to our friends Ed & Susan who are visiting from New Orleans and everyone enjoyed it!  On the side we had a salad with Sunflower greens and grape tomatoes, as well as some garlic bread and then for dessert we had a Carrot Cake from Whole Foods.

In the past few days, Julia’s started answering the question, “what does Daddy do at work?” by saying “Eye doctor.”  We got it on video and it is possibly the cutest thing ever!  Sometimes she just says, “eyes,” so I’ll prompt her… “Eye what?” and then she says, “Eye doctor.”  Too cute!

And on another note… today is a big day for Julia.

She’s 22 months old today!  (I CANNOT believe that she will be 2 in just two months.  That is insane.)  For comparison, here’s a photo comparing her at 10 months on August 8th last year (at my parents’ house) and at 22 months on August 8th this year.  8.8.2014(4)


It’s also a big day for  her because it’s her last day of this school year!  She started on August 19th last year and today’s her last day in her current classroom with the teachers she’s been with since she was 10 months old!  Daycare closes next week for “summer cleaning” and then when we return from our trip she’ll be moving up to the next class with new teachers, new kids, new toys, etc.  She’ll also stop sleeping in a crib at daycare and will start sleeping on a cot.  And she’ll be bringing a lunch box with her to school each day!  Here she was on her first day and her last day of school: 8.8.2014(3)

She’s gone from not even crawling to running all over the place.  From just beginning to babble to speaking in 2-3 words phrases.  From not rolling over to never staying still.  So much has changed in the last year, it’s unbelievable!


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