Visitors from New Orleans!

Last weekend we had some visitors from New Orleans! One of Ken’s Mason brothers, Ed, came with his wife, Susan, for a nice long weekend visit to Baltimore. Susan had been here before but this was Ed’s first time in Baltimore. Ed is a big Cardinals fan and since the Cardinals were in town we took advantage and went to not one but TWO O’s vs. Cardinals games.

Friday night we went to the game and left Julia home with a babysitter. We had a great time cheering on the O’s! 8.18.2014(56)Ken & I left the game happy because the O’s won, but Ed & Susan were not as pleased.  8.18.2014(57)

After the game there was a beautiful Orioles 60th Anniversary Celebration and Fireworks Display.  They brought back a bunch of the Orioles Hall-of-Famers so it was very special to see them all on the field together.

Saturday we spent the early part of the afternoon exploring… we went to Faidley’s for lunch and showed Ed & Susan the Inner Harbor.  Julia was a bit of a mess that day but she still had a good time at the game.  She also loved playing at the Splash Pad at the Inner Harbor.  She liked the “Wild Bill” hats they gave out at the game! 8.18.2014(54)


and she was very excited to meet the Oriole Bird! 8.18.2014(52)

Her attitude toward the Bird has changed drastically over the last year or so… when we went to FanFest before the season started, Julia was terrified of the Bird but over the past several months she has slowly warmed up to him and this time when she saw him she jumped up and down shouting “Oriole bird!”  She gave him a high five but she didn’t want to get too close to him.  I love how she recognizes the Oriole bird so whenever she sees someone wearing an Oriole shirt/hat with the bird on it, she says “Orioles!”  Then she will occasionally add in a little cheer of “Go Orioles!”

It was really nice having Ed & Susan visit since it was like having a cool Aunt & Uncle in town.  Julia liked them right away… 8.18.2014(55)

and they brought a bunch of treats (spices mostly!) from New Orleans!

Sunday before they had to leave town, we took them for a visit to Fort McHenry since Ed is a big history buff just like Ken! 8.18.2014(48)



Julia didn’t have the patience to sit through the educational video but she had a great time running around outside!

After Ed & Susan left, Ken finally hung up the swing that Bubbe & Zaydie bought for Julia and she absolutely LOVED it! 8.18.2014(49)

8.18.2014(50)After swinging and dinner it was time for an early bedtime for Julia so we could pack and get ready for our trip!



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