It’s true… it won’t last forever!

My friend Kim, whose daughter Amelia is just a couple months older than Julia, wrote the most beautiful blog post on her blog.  It’s called, “It Won’t Last Forever” and is about the fact that all the daily stress of having a toddler is temporary and that childhood is just a temporary thing and that eventually we’ll be older adults, retired from our professions, no longer worried about bedtime routines, picky eating, temper tantrums or biting kids at daycare.  Her blog post is a good reminder to enjoy the little things each day: the hugs and kisses, the sweet way Julia says “I love you,” the way she says “Thank you, Daddy!” whenever Ken does something for her, the way she laughs hysterically at some of the silly sounds we make for her.  Kim’s post is a good reminder that you need to stop every now and then to just live in the moment rather than worrying about our daily tasks: making breakfast, making lunch, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, dropping Julia off at daycare, etc.

One of the things I most enjoyed about our time in Aruba is that, aside from when we were in our hotel room, we didn’t have access to the internet and our phones weren’t connected so we couldn’t get emails, texts or phone calls.  I liked being “unplugged” and just being together as a family.  Not being connected to the outside world meant that we were more connected to one another.  We were able to just watch Julia enjoy herself, play with her without being connected to a device.  We, as a family, need to be better about turning off our phones or putting them away and being in the present so that we can enjoy the little moments because what Kim said is true: it won’t last forever.  And I want to remember the fun parts of our days.  I don’t want my memory of this time to be of doing dishes and laundry, I want it to be of playing with Julia, singing songs, doing puzzles together, drawing pictures, and playing on the playground.  Thank you, Kim, for that important reminder.


2 thoughts on “It’s true… it won’t last forever!

  1. Anna, what sweet words from you! I’m so glad my post struck a chord – I also get so wrapped up in the day-to-day logistics rather than just being present. Good to remind each other of these things. 🙂

  2. Hi Anna! Thanks for this great reminder. I have a biter on my hands. Currently she’s just biting me. She’s left a few bruises too. I’m struggling with how to stop it. She’s almost 18 months old. I’ve tried time outs, but I don’t think developmentally she is able to understand. I say no biting and she laughs. I’m at a loss. It makes me so upset. I’d love to talk more about it with you. Thanks again for the post!

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