San Francisco… open your Golden Gate!

Julia and I got back yesterday afternoon from a lovely trip to San Francisco for my best friend Julia’s bridal shower!  We flew early Friday morning to San Francisco, where my parents picked us up from the airport.  We’ve found that Julia does much better with early morning flights than flights that leave later in the day since she’s more likely to go back to sleep AND take a regular nap.  Friday afternoon, my parents and I took Julia to a playground to let her run around and burn off some energy.



Saturday we played at home for a bit then went to visit Julia at her house!  Baby Julia had fun trying on Julia’s sunglasses and making very silly faces! 9.3.2014(9)




We went back home for lunch and played at home for a bit… Julia had fun hugging the tree in my parents’ front yard: 9.3.2014(14)

and she LOVED playing the piano!  9.3.2014(15)

My mom and I then took her to yet another playground, where we met up with my friend Dana.  Dana is getting married in just over a month in Vermont and we will be driving up for her wedding.  It was nice that we got to see Dana this visit in a slightly less hectic environment… I imagine she’ll be very busy on the day of her wedding, saying hi to all the guests so it was nice that we got to see her for a fun afternoon at the park.  9.3.2014(13)

Julia has become much more brave on the playground: climbing up structures by herself, going down the slide all on her own, etc.  but what she liked the most was just running around in the grass.  She loved having a big open space to just run around.  There was a little grassy hill at the playground so I showed Julia how to roll down the hill.  When a little boy started doing it too, Julia thought it was one of the funniest things she had ever done!

We came home after the playground to play at home for a bit before dinner and bedtime.  My mom got Julia a baby doll and she had tons of fun lining up her baby doll and stuffed animals in little chairs and reading to them/watching TV with them/putting them to sleep.  It was very sweet!  9.3.2014(12)

The hardest thing about our trip to California was that Julia was quite affected by the time change… the first two days we were there, she was up at 3:30 AM which was quite draining on me and my mom (who helped by getting up with her to let me sleep in one of the mornings!)  She adjusted a bit the third day and didn’t wake up until 5:30 but by then it didn’t make much of a difference since we were leaving the following day.  I think that the time change also caused her to feel a little bit off in general since on Saturday she was very clingy… Saturday morning we had to get ready for Julia’s bridal shower so in the morning we played at home for a bit… Julia liked dressing up in this hat and carrying her backpack around the house: 9.3.2014(7)

and she had a great time playing with bubbles in the sink with my mom! 9.3.2014(6)

Somehow I managed to take only one picture at the shower (of Julia & my mom playing in the sink) but the shower was a lot of fun.


The food my mom made was delicious and everyone had a really good time.  Julia told me it was perfect and exactly what she wanted from her bridal shower, and Lissa also said she had a great time.  Success!  My mom did most of the planning (food, drinks, decor, etc.) but the part that I planned was also a success… we played a “Julia trivia game” and I also got “Matt trivia” for Julia to fill out while people were answering the questions about her.  Looks like she knows him pretty well so I guess we all gave them our seal of approval… they are allowed to get married!  I am definitely looking forward to their wedding at the end of November.

Sunday we played at home for a bit before heading to the California Academy of Sciences to check out the Aquarium!  Julia liked the fish and really enjoyed just running around… at one point she started to get a bit fussy and asked for milk so I put her in the Ergo and she napped for an hour that way!  She fell asleep while we were checking out the White Alligator:   9.3.2014(5)

There was also a person dressed up as a White Alligator, which Julia absolutely loved! 9.3.2014(4)

We had a delicious lunch at the restaurant there before heading outside, where there was a band playing live music!  Julia had fun listening to the music and dancing!9.3.2014(3)


After the aquarium it was time to head back home.  We flew back early Tuesday morning and got home yesterday before dinner.  Julia did really well on all four of our flights (we had a layover in Chicago both ways) and she even slept through the landing in San Francisco! 9.3.2014

The hardest part of all four flights was the time between landing and getting off the plane… once we land Julia is ready to go.  She does not want to wait our turn to get off the plane and starts to get very antsy about disembarking.  She screamed all four times until we were finally able to get off the plane and then it was very hard to settle her back down once we finally got the stroller and got into the terminal.

Luckily we are all done flying for a while… and the next time we fly with her she will be over 2 so she’ll have her own seat and we may even bring her carseat on the plane with us so that we don’t end up having to hold her the whole time.  It will be a completely different experience, I’m sure!

All in all, we had a wonderful visit.  It was great so see so many people and it was nice for Julia to get some time with my parents.  We’re back and have some fun things coming up including my birthday, Sesame Street Live, the Jewish holidays, a visit from Gagee (for Julia’s 2nd birthday), a trip to Vermont for Dana’s wedding, a visit from Bubbie & Zaydie for Halloween, and Julia’s first trip to an amusement park (we’re heading to Dutch Wonderland on October 18th).  I’m looking forward to some fun adventures in the weeks ahead!



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