New beginnings!

It seems very appropriate to me that today, this first Monday of the Jewish new year, is Julia’s first day at her new school!  I have my fingers crossed that everything goes well.  I just called to check on her and so far it seems she’s having a great day!

After the chaos of last week, we had a lovely few days at home for Rosh Hashana.  Wednesday night we were invited to the home of some friends in Pikesville for dinner.  We put Julia to sleep right away when we got there and then we were able to enjoy the meal and some adult conversation.  We had a wonderful time!

Thursday we went to services at a new-to-us Shul in Pikesville.  They had babysitting for the holidays so we got Julia dressed up and took her with us.  She wore a dress that my mom made for me when I was little and she looked absolutely adorable! 9.29.2014(37)Julia did great playing with the other kids downstairs and Ken & I were able to enjoy services.  The Shul is very small, with a cozy and intimate feeling like the one we belonged to in New Orleans so for now we are thinking we may start to get involved with their community, hopefully going at least once a month for Shabbat.  They apparently have babysitting for weekly Shabbat services too, so we’ll be able to bring Julia with us without a problem.  Our friend Rebecca, who we knew from New Orleans, invited us for lunch after services so we got to meet her husband and some of their friends from the Shul.  We had a great time!

Thursday night we decided to stay home for dinner since we were out late on Wednesday night and we knew we’d be out late the following evening.  We made Cholent for the first time and it turned absolutely perfect.  And of course now Ken is saying we should make it every few weeks!

Friday I decided to skip services (not so much fun to go by yourself!)… instead, Julia and I had a lovely day at home.  We ran a few errands in the morning, had lunch with Miss Steffi and then went to the playground in the afternoon!  9.29.2014(38)

When Ken got home, we all got ready to go out for Shabbat dinner at my boss’ house! 9.29.2014(33)

It’s pretty special to be invited to dinner at your boss’ house, especially when you have a very active 2-year old!  We made sure to bring lots of toys and books to keep her occupied.  She didn’t really eat much at dinner but she had lots of fun playing with all the stuffed animals they pulled out for her.  And everyone thought it was adorable that she and I were matching in black & white stripes!

Saturday, Uncle Adam & Miss Jenn were in DC for a wedding so we went to spend the day with them!  We met up with them at the Zoo, which neither Ken nor I had ever been to.  It’s much better than the Baltimore Zoo, and one big bonus is that it’s free!  The older Julia gets, the more fun she’s able to have at the zoo but I think this time the best attraction was Uncle Adam!  She had so much fun with him.  It was great to see him.  9.29.2014(35)

Julia also got to go on a carousel for the first time!  She went once with Mommy & once with Daddy! 9.29.2014(34)


And of course she asked to hold Daddy’s and Uncle Adam’s hands so they could swing her in the air! 9.29.2014(31)

After the zoo, we all went to grab lunch at Chipotle.  While we were there, we saw two of the Duggar girls from the show “19 Kids and Counting”!  Jenn & I were so excited to meet them so we took our picture with them.  They were just as sweet in person as they seem on the show.  9.29.2014(36)

Apparently they were in town for some very conservative republican conference with Sarah Palin as one of the keynote speakers.  I may not share their political views but they seem like a lovely family.

Sunday morning Daddy & Julia went to soccer class while I cleaned up around the house and then we went out to buy a new carseat to replace the one that was in Ken’s car.  Technically speaking our carseat was probably fine since the accident was fairly minor and according to the website for the carseat manufacturer, the seat should be fine after a minor accident… but insurance companies don’t like to mess with carseats so they agreed to replace ours.

After lunch and nap, we went to beautiful Sherwood Gardens for a 2nd birthday photo shoot with Miss Steffi!  She took photos last year for Julia’s 1st birthday and I loved the way they turned out so I asked her to take some again this year for her 2nd birthday.  She sent me just a fraction of the ones she took but I absolutely LOVE them!  Here are some of my favorites: 9.29.2014(25)










And, for comparison, I made a couple of collages to compare the photos Steffi took last year with the ones she took this year.  It’s amazing to see the difference in Julia between her 1st birthday and her 2nd birthday.  She’s gone from baby to little girl.  And her personality has just continued to blossom! 9.29.2014(29)


Here’s wishing my little munchkin a very happy 2nd birthday next week!


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