Today is Julia’s 2nd birthday! It’s so hard to believe that this tiny little baby girl is now two years old!10.8.2012

You have come a long way from being a little 6 lb. 7 oz. bundle to being a talkative, creative, energetic, loving little 2-year old.  Every day I am grateful that you gave me the gift I always wanted: motherhood.  Thank you, Julia, for making me a mother!  You give me so much joy just watching you learn about the world around you and I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming.  I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you!  10.8.2014

Happy Birthday to you, Julia!

Julia is a very lucky little girl since her Gagee is visiting her for her birthday!  My mom flew in late Friday night, so she was here when Julia woke up Saturday morning!  They spent the day playing at home while Ken & I went to Yom Kippur services. 10.8.2014(8)


After services we played at home for a while, put Julia to bed, and then Ken & I went out to dinner to break our fast.  After dinner we went to see Corey’s band play a show at a little bar in Parkville.

Sunday morning, my mom & I took Julia to her soccer class.  This time she wasn’t really into playing the games and going along with the rest of the class but we still had fun.  After soccer we stopped at Starbucks for a little coffee date.  10.8.2014(6)And then we all went to brunch with my cousins Rachel & David.  10.8.2014(13)


After brunch we went home for a nap and some iPad time!10.8.2014(5)

Then we went back out to Parkville to watch the Orioles game with our friends Chris & Joylene and their two little boys.  The Orioles won and clinched a spot in the ALCS!  It was very exciting, though Julia did not like all the loud cheering and jumping that took place at the end of the game.  She did have fun playing with a doctor kit while we were there! 10.8.2014(2)

Monday Julia went to school but Gagee picked her up a little early so they could have some Gagee and Julia time.  They came and met me at the hospital and then we went to visit Daddy at work, too.  Julia loves having Ken look in her eyes and she likes all the toys Daddy gets to play with at work!  10.8.2014(3)I joked that she’s the best Pediatric Ophthalmology patient since she plays along with having lights shined in her eyes but she doesn’t actually have anything wrong!  After playing doctor, my mom and I took Julia to the grocery store.  It was her first time going in one of the fun car shopping carts, which she thought was pretty cool.  She kept saying “Beep beep!  Honk honk!” the whole time we did our grocery shopping! 10.8.2014(4)

Tuesday Julia went to school for a regular day at school while my mom stayed home to relax and today they are home together for a Gagee & Julia day.  I’m sure they are having LOTS of fun!  Ken & I went out last night to pick up some balloons for Julia for this morning (but sadly, they were already starting to deflate by the time she started playing with them this morning).  We also got some cupcakes which we will have together tonight.

My mom leaves tomorrow morning and then Friday after work, we will be driving up to NY and then to Vermont the next day for my friend Dana’s wedding.  Dana is a friend I’ve known since Kindergarten so I am very excited to see her get married!  Somehow we will have to decide what Julia should wear… I’m sure we can find something fun in her giant wardrobe of cute clothes!  And even though we won’t be there this weekend, we’ll be thinking of our Orioles and cheering them on as we listen to the game on the radio! Go O’s! 10.8.2014(9)



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