A Whirlwind Weekend Away

We just got back last night from a whirlwind weekend away!  We left Friday right after work and drove up to Jon & Sara’s house in New York.  Julia fell asleep in the car, so when we got there we put her right to bed, then watched the end of the (very disappointing) first game of the ALCS between the Orioles and the Royals.  The Orioles came so close to catching up and winning but they just couldn’t quite make it.

Julia tends to wake up verrrrrrrrry early when we’re somewhere new and unfamiliar so she woke up at 3:30 AM (despite our having given her Benadryl) and she didn’t go back to sleep until about 4:30.  Then she was up for the day by about 6:45.  We had a quick breakfast with Marlee & Jonah before hitting the road again. 10.13.2014(12)

Julia is so cute with her older cousins–she follows Marlee around like a little puppy dog and she clearly thinks Marlee is the coolest thing since sliced bread!  She looks up to her so much and I really think that Marlee could get Julia to do just about anything… whatever Marlee does, Julia wants to do, too!

The drive through Upstate New York and Vermont was absolutely beautiful.  The trees are all changing colors and we drove through some very quaint little towns.  When we got to Middlebury, our hotel room wasn’t quite ready so we had to change in the bathroom to get ready for the wedding.

Julia looked adorable in the dress my mom knit for her, and Ken and I wore orange to represent the Orioles! 10.13.2014(2)



Dana and Liam’s wedding was at a barn in a little town called Ferrisburgh, Vermont.  The ceremony was outside with the beautiful foliage behind them.  10.13.2014(4)


I’ve known Dana since we were in kindergarten so I knew a lot of the folks at the wedding, too.  There were a lot of parents of kids we went to school with and I had met most of Dana’s bridesmaids and other friends from high school.  10.13.2014(8)

It was great seeing them after so long.  Julia had tons of fun running around during the cocktail hour.  She made friends with a little boy named Elliott, who happened to be sitting at our table during dinner, and they were quite adorable together! 10.13.2014(7)

Julia was also very excited to hold Dana’s beautiful bouquet, though we tried to make sure she didn’t pull it apart, which she loves to do when she sees flowers! 10.13.2014(6)The reception was inside a big old barn, and was very simple but beautiful.  10.13.2014(9)

We really had a wonderful time!  Julia hadn’t taken a nap all day so she ended up sleeping during dinner but once the music started she was so excited to dance the night away.  She loved dancing with a little 3-year old girl.  The two of them were so cute together.  Eventually Julia started to get very sleepy and we decided it was time to head back to our hotel for bed.  Julia ended sleeping in bed with me and Ken moved to the other bed half-way through the night since she was kicking him.

Sunday morning after breakfast we all packed back into the car to head home after a quick lunch stop at Jon & Sara’s house.  We also stopped at a place in upstate New York where we got some Apple Cider, Donuts, apples and pumpkins!  We picked out one big one for ourselves and Julia got to pick out her own little pumpkin. 10.13.2014(10)


The way Julia says the word pumpkin is absolutely adorable… sounds like “Cumpin” but it’s so cute.  She loved walking around and saying “my cumpin, big cumpin, little cumpin… Daddy’s cumpin, Mommy’s cumpin, Julia’s cumpin!”

We eventually made it home and went right to bed!  Monday mornings after a long weekend together are always hard… but I’m sure Julia will have a great time at school today with her new friends!



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