Sweet moment

The other night, after Julia’s 2-year checkup, we had a very sweet moment at home.  I want to make sure we remember it so I figured this is as good a place as any to write it down.  Julia got 3 shots at her checkup, and one of her legs was feeling sore from the shots.  I noticed that she was limping a little and the area around the shot was a little hard and warm to the touch.  She also complained once or twice about it hurting, so we gave her Tylenol.

While Ken & I were putting her pajamas on, she said to Ken, “Daddy, I hurt” in the most adorable little girl voice you can imagine.  He asked her if she wanted him to kiss her booboos and she said yes, so he kissed one side and then she said very sweetly, “Thank you, Daddy!”  Then he kissed the other side and she said “All better!”

Melted our hearts!



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