Halloween & A Visit with Bubbie & Zaydie!

Friday was Halloween!  I have such wonderful memories of Halloween growing up and really want to make sure Julia loves the holiday as much as I did.  This was probably the last (or maybe second-to-last?) year that we can decide what Julia dresses up as for Halloween since I’m sure by next year she’ll be telling us what she wants to wear each day.  We decided to dress her up as Minnie Mouse this year.

When she was just a month old she had a cute little pumpkin hat from my mom and then on Halloween Day she was a skeleton and last year we almost didn’t go trick-or-treating but at the last minute decided to put her in skeleton pajamas and go out but this year was the first year she could really go out and have fun with it.  photo


Bubbie & Zaydie flew in on Friday so we went trick-or-treating with them and with our friends Sam & Mark and their little boy, Lincoln, who coincidentally was dressed up as Mickey Mouse!  We also met up with our friend Gretchen and her daughter Lily (the lion!): 10.31.2014(2)

10.31.2014(4) Julia was a little skeptical at first:



It took a while for the kids to warm up to the idea of approaching strangers at their front door and ask for candy but once they started to realize they got candy in their pumpkin baskets, they had such a grand old time!  10.31.2014(8)

Julia was a little afraid of some of the houses with scary decorations that moved or made noise, but for the most part she had a blast.  After trick-or-treating they had us over for dinner, which was just lovely!

The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxing: we spent most of the day Saturday at home–Mona, Julia & I played at home while Robert and Ken got some things done around the house and Ken & I finally spent some time cleaning up his study, his desk, my desk and making things a little more organized and presentable in our bedroom.  We have too much stuff and clutter seems to accumulate very easily on surfaces in our house so sometimes we need an extra push to get things cleaned up but we’re so glad we did since it looks so much better.  The biggest challenge will be keeping it up now that we have it cleaned up but hopefully if we are sure to spend some time every Sunday cleaning up from the week, we will manage to keep it all up.  Saturday night we had a lovely time going out to dinner and then Bubbie & Zaydie read Julia her bedtime stories: 11.3.2014(2)


Sunday Julia had soccer class (she got to wear her new soccer shirt from Dana & Liam), and then we met up with Cousin David for brunch before going home for naptime.  11.3.2014(4)

Julia also discovered over the weekend that she can climb into her old bouncer which she used to love as a baby.  Only she’s way too big for it now and looked like a giant in it! 11.3.2014

After nap on Sunday we got a few more things done and then went out for dinner before it was time for Bubbie & Zaydie to head back to the airport.  Luckily, we’ll be seeing them in Florida for New Years!


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