October/November Stitch Fix Review

Friday afternoon I received another Stitch Fix box.  I think this was my 5th (?) time getting a box from Stitch Fix.  I’ve chosen to get boxes approximately every 3 months so as to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe each season.  It’s so convenient and fun, especially as the mother of a toddler who is a PITA to shop with.  For this month’s fix, I was a little more specific about what I wanted… I said a pair of pants, a jacket, a sweater and no more horizontal stripes!  I also mentioned that I was willing to go a little more casual this month than I had been going.

This was the first time that I almost considered keeping everything in the Box because my stylist got it so right.  As always the logistics of getting a box worked out great.  The box arrived the exact day they said it would.  sf6

The items inside were beautifully packaged and wrapped nicely, and there was a lovely little note from my stylist, Liz.  sf7

I am going to request this same stylist again for my next Fix since she got it so right this time!

In this month’s box, there was a shirt, sweater, pair of pants, scarf and a jacket.  And if the shirt had fit a little bit better and the pants had been a little less expensive I would have kept everything.  I loved everything in this month’s box!

First up I tried on the shirt and jeans: sf

The shirt was a little bit tight across the chest and I had specifically asked for no more horizontal stripes but I still liked this shirt.  I liked the colors and the material and I liked the style a lot.  The styling card suggested a couple different outfits and I could see wearing it for work or for casual weekends.  sf11

The jeans were also lovely… they fit great, could be worn with flats or boots (I even tried on my boots over the jeans and they were great since the legs of the jeans aren’t bulky like some skinny jeans are).  The material was very soft and had the perfect amount of stretch.  The only problem was that the jeans were $98… a bit more than I wanted to spend right now.  Of course they suggested two lovely outfits to create with the jeans–one more casual and one more dressy.  sf8Next up were a sweater and scarf, both of which I tried on with the jeans as well.  sf2


The sweater is lovely–I love the color, the fit, the softness of the material and the fact that it’s so versatile!  Here are the outfits they recommended putting together for the sweater: sf9

and for the scarf, they had a little card showing how to wear it! sf12

And last but not least was a jacket: sf4


The thing I love the most about this jacket is that it’s so unlike anything I already own and it’s not something I would have picked out on my own to try on.  But I love that about it.  It’s a little different.  It was very comfortable, was made of a lovely material and has a hood!

With Ken’s help I decided to keep the sweater and the jacket.  I really loved everything this month but I just couldn’t justify spending $188 on clothing right now when we are trying to save money.  The jeans were $98 which is a little more than I can spend right now.  The scarf was lovely but was just too warm for Baltimore winters, and I already have plenty of scarves and the shirt was a little too tight in the chest, making it not quite perfect.

If you are interested in signing up for Stitch Fix, here is a referral link you can use:


I do get credit added to my account if you use my referral link.  It really is such a wonderful service.  It’s like having your very own personal stylist!  I highly recommend it!  Enjoy!



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