Low-Key weekend

I’ve said this before: I always find it ironic that it takes Ken being on call for us to have a quiet weekend at home.  When Ken’s not on call we always make lots of plans since we feel like we should take advantage of his not being on call to spend time together as a family.  So we make brunch plans, play date plans, dinner plans, etc. but when he’s on call, since he could potentially get called in to the hospital at any time, we really don’t make a whole lot of plans.  We might have one or two tentative plans that are always dependent upon Ken not getting called in, but for the most part we stick around at home and wait to see if he gets called in.  So ironically this past weekend, we had a very quiet, low-key weekend at home, which was exactly what we needed!

Friday night Ken got stuck at the hospital helping out a patient for about 5 hours so he didn’t get home until close to midnight.  Julia and I went to Chabad for Shabbat dinner, where she had a ton of fun running around with the Rabbi’s kids.

Saturday we had no plans!  We went to the Farmer’s Market, played at home, I got some laundry done, Julia and I made a run to Target, and we just kind of enjoyed some quiet time as a family.  We showed Julia her first Disney movie (Dumbo) and relaxed a lot.  It was lovely!  11.10.2014(9)

We did get a new bedding set so I was excited to make our bed with the new covers and pillows.  I love how cozy our bed is with all the pillows and I’ve always thought a bed with lots of pillows looked more “grown-up” so I’m excited to have a grownup bed, finally!11.10.2014(8)


Sunday we had Julia’s soccer class and then Ken went to watch the Arsenal game with our friend Pete, while Julia and I had a playdate with Sarah and their son James.  The kids had lots of fun playing together and Sarah & I were able to catch up a bit.11.10.2014(2)  11.10.2014(3)

11.10.2014(4)After Julia’s nap, Ken made Red Beans & Rice for dinner for the first time, with beans we got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  Then we were able to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep in our new cozy bed!11.10.2014

After soccer we played at home–Julia put all her animals to sleep on the table and had a lovely snack of apples and peanut butter!



Next weekend will hopefully be another quiet one at home and then the following weekend we are leaving for San Francisco for my best friend Julia’s wedding and for Thanksgiving!  I can’t believe the holidays are here and winter weather will be here before we know it!


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