2-year olds are funny creatures.  One day they want to be independent and do everything for themselves.  The next day they want to be a baby and have you carry them around and do everything for them.

This week Julia has been very much into doing things by herself.  She tells me when we’re leaving the house in the morning, “I do it myself,” meaning that she wants to walk down the stairs all by herself, not holding hands with me.  She looks like such a little kid when she walks all by herself.  11.12.2014(2)


11.12.2014In addition to walking down the stairs by herself, she has figured out how to take her pajamas off by herself (the footie pajama kind, not the shirt/pants kind) and she’s even figured out how to get her diaper off.  She often takes her shoes and socks off at the worst possible time (in the car, 5 minutes before we get to school) and she’s also figured out how to take off her zip-up sweatshirts.  As far as feeding herself is concerned, sometimes she wants to do it herself and sometimes she wants you to do it for her.  And you never know from one minute to the next which it will be.

We have started asking Julia what she wants to wear each morning.  Inevitably, her answer is “a tutu.”  She calls all dresses tutus and she loves to wear them.  Kind of like my mom’s rule when I was growing up, I’ve decided to implement a rule that Julia can pick out what she wants to wear and as long as it’s weather appropriate (or can somehow be made weather appropriate), then she can wear it.  So we go through a lot of dresses.  In the winter we can put leggings or pants on underneath and if we need to add a long-sleeved shirt, we can do that, too.  The other day she got to wear her black & gold tutu for the Saints! 11.13.2014



Gagee is sending Julia some new winter hats to wear so we can keep her head nice and warm when we head outside, too.  I can’t believe that winter is already upon us.  It’s supposed to be in the 20’s overnight tonight and there’s a possibility of snow on Sunday night.

Last winter was really emotionally draining because there were so many snow days.  After a day or two at home we started to feel very cooped up and bored.  I made a bin of arts and crafts supplies and this year we have a Toddler Activity book that I think will come in handy.  It has a bunch of ideas for things to do with minimal supplies/money/planning.

It was really frustrating last year because if Julia’s school closed for snow, I couldn’t go to work but this year we have a “drop-in” daycare we can use if they’re open but Julia’s regular school is closed so hopefully that will allow me to work as many days as possible.  The winter is just so depressing though, so I hope this winter is not as bad as last year.  I have heard predictions that this winter is supposed to be just as cold and just as snowy so I’m not feeling hopeful.  Luckily though, we have lots of things to do… we’ll have music class on Sundays starting in January, we just joined the Aquarium as members, we can always go to Storyville and the JCC is opening a new Jewish version of Storyville called J-Town, so we will be sure to take advantage of all of those this winter when we don’t feel like playing outside.  Last year Julia did love the snow so I’m curious to see her reaction to it this year!

We may even see some snowflakes before we leave for California next weekend!



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