Feel better, Daddy!

This past weekend was relatively low key despite Ken being sick and on call.  Julia’s started saying some very cute things since Ken’s been sick… every time he coughs or sneezes, she says “Bless you, Daddy!”  (and she says “Thank you” if we tell her “Bless you” after she sneezes).  She also asks Daddy if he’s okay whenever he coughs, and she gives him hugs and kisses and says “Daddy, feel better!”

Friday we finally gave in and bought the movie, Frozen.  All the kids are watching it these days and I had heard good things about it so figured it would be fun to watch with Julia.  We ordered sushi to be delivered and we all three watched the movie in bed on Ken’s iPad.  It was so warm and cozy and just what we needed for a family Friday night! 12.8.2014(7)

Saturday morning we went to have breakfast with our friends Pete, Sarah & James and then Julia and I went to play (and shop) at Ikea!  I bought her one of her Hanukkah presents–an easel, which Ken put together for her last night.12.8.2014

She had fun playing on the toddler beds and also with the kitchen set, which my mom is going to be getting her as a Hanukkah present! 12.8.2014(6)

In addition to the easel, I also got her a set of pots and pans which we’ll wrap up to give to her one of the nights of Hanukkah.

Saturday afternoon we came home and took a nap and then spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Sunday morning we went to a free Music Together demo class which Julia really enjoyed.  She got to sing and dance, march around, play musical instruments and just have a ball.  It was lots of fun and we are thinking of signing up for the winter, now that soccer is over.  In the spring we’ll probably try a tumbling/gymnastics class and then next fall once Julia turns 3 we’ll start ballet!

After her nap on Sunday, we went on a little walk to get some fresh air and we stopped at the playground to play with Eleanor and her mommies.  It was fun but a little too cold to stay outside for long so we went back to Eleanor’s house and played there for a little while before going home for dinner and bedtime.12.8.2014(3)



This week at school is spirit week because they’re having their annual book fair, so today is “Super Hero/Princess Day”!  We had this princess dress that we bought from a yard sale a few months ago for $3 but I wasn’t sure if it would fit Julia yet, so we had to try it on last night.  It fits her perfectly and she absolutely LOVED it.  12.8.2014(2)

She kept twirling around and saying, “I’m a princess!”  So needless to say, she got to wear it to school today and was so excited!


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