Holiday Season!

I love the Holiday Season.  I don’t know what it is but I just love it.  I love Christmas lights, I love jolly old men dressed up as Santa Claus, I love seeing the joy on little kids’ faces when they see Santa or when they see the magic of the holidays: the little train villages, beautiful holiday lights, the Menorah all lit up, and I’m so excited that Julia’s finally at an age where she’ll really be able to enjoy Hanukkah!  I can’t wait to see the look on her face as she opens her gifts for the next 8 nights.

One fun tradition in Baltimore is going to see the lights on 34th Street in Hampden.  There’s one block of that street where every house decorates for the holidays.  Last night, Steffi and I took Julia to see the lights.  12.16.2014(4)

She was absolutely in awe!  She kept saying “lights so pretty!” and she even said “Amazing!” several times.  There was one house in particular, that had an Elmo, a Cookie Monster and a Big Bird, that Julia was absolutely in love with.12.16.2014(3)

She could have stayed there looking at their holiday display for hours if we had let her.  The look on her face was one of pure amazement!

I personally really liked a couple of the other houses on the block… one had a Mardi Gras theme: 12.16.2014(2)

and of course there was one with the Utz Potato Chip Girl and Mr. Boh:12.16.2014

Ken is on call this week but I’m really hoping he’ll be home early enough tonight so that we can light the Menorah together as a family.  Tonight Julia’s present is going to be the Menorah that her Bubbie & Zaydie got for her.  Even though she already “got” it as a gift a few weeks ago, I wrapped up and we’ll give it to her tonight.  I think it will be fun for her to get it as a gift so that she can “light” the Menorah right alongside the real Menorah.

We’re wishing all our friends and family a very Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas and most importantly, a Happy, Healthy and Joyful New Year!


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