On the first night of Hanukkah…

Julia’s first night of Hanukkah gift was the menorah that Bubbie & Zaydie got her!  We actually gave it to her a few weeks ago and she played with it for one day and then we hid it away and I wrapped it up and gave it to her yesterday.  That way she can “light” her Menorah while we light the real Menorah.  12.17.2014(2)

She was very excited about it, and once we lit the real Menorah she kept saying “I see Hanukkah!”  12.17.2014(3)


We have several parties over the next several days (one tonight, one on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday and one on Monday) so it was nice to at least have the first night be quiet at home with just the three of us.

This morning Julia got to wear her Hanukkah shirt that we got as a hand-me-down from Marlee.  Ken asked Julia what was on her shirt and she said “my candles” so at least she kind of gets the gist of it, so far! 12.17.2014

I’m most excited for her big Hanukkah present, from my mom: a new play kitchen!  I can’t wait until Ken puts it together this weekend for Julia to play with!  I’m thinking it would be fun for him to put it together while she sleeps either Friday night or Saturday night so that it’s there when she wakes up in the morning the next day!

Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!


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