24-hour bug

Yesterday morning we woke up as usual.  Julia nursed in bed with me, we got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.  I gave her milk, which she drank very quickly, and then started to give her a banana.  She coughed once so I thought she was just choking on her banana and then she proceeded to throw up all of the milk she had just drunk.

Ken & I assumed she threw up from drinking too fast or from choking on the banana, so we changed her clothes, got her ready for school and put her in the car.  Ken started driving her to school and then called me not even 5 minutes later to say she had thrown up again all over herself.  So we got her out of the car, got her cleaned up and I put her in the bathtub to clean her off.  She threw up again a few times in the bathtub until her belly was pretty much all empty and then I got her dressed again and we spent the day at home watching movies in bed.  I covered the bed with towels just in case she had any more incidents but she was okay the rest of the day and was able to keep clear fluids and breast milk down without any more problems.  1.16.2015

She was clearly not feeling well… she just wanted to lay down and cuddle, nurse, and relax on the bed.  After a (fairly short) nap, she seemed to be a bit better so went on a walk to get some fresh air, and then we just hung out at home until Ken got back.1.16.2015(2)

Around 5 PM I tried to get her to eat some crackers but she was completely uninterested in food at that point, so I just nursed her and she went to bed around 7 PM.  1.16.2015(4)


She woke up this morning seemingly feeling better so she had some breakfast and then we played at home a bit to make sure she was okay.  After she kept her milk and strawberries down for an hour I figured she was okay and this morning she’s back at school!

Ken is on call this weekend, which means it’s a whole weekend with no plans!  The only plans we have all weekend are to go watch the Patriots game on Sunday afternoon.  The game is pretty late, so Julia and I will probably join Ken only for the first half and then we’ll need to head home for bedtime.  I might take Julia to the Aquarium Saturday or Sunday afternoon but a nice weekend at home as a family might be just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

Monday is MLK Day so we’ll have a Mommy & Julia day then but this weekend I’m hoping Ken won’t be too busy on call so we can spend some time together as a family.


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