Blue Apron

I’ve mentioned Blue Apron before… but up until now we had not actually signed up to receive a box from them.  We had only ever used their recipes which they have available on their website.  Well now that Ken is so busy studying for OKAPs and we still want to make delicious healthy meals at home, I decided to finally sign up to receive a box from them…

Basically the way it works is you tell them what kinds of foods you eat (we said fish & vegetarian) and then they send you the list of recipes available each week and you can opt in or opt out, depending on what recipes are on the menu, and you receive a box of ingredients.  You can also pick and choose a little… so for example, this week the fish was a catfish (which is not kosher) so we opted instead for the 3 vegetarian dishes.  It includes exactly the amount you need to make the recipe–no more, no less–and a beautiful recipe card.  You can sign up to receive meals for 2 people or “family style” meals that feed 4 people and you get 3 meals to make for the week.  So our first box arrived on Saturday with 3 meals and we made the first one last night.  1.20.2015(3)

We started out with the Roasted Root Vegetable Salad.  Tonight I’ll be making the Cremini & Porcini Mushroom & Barley Soup and then on Thursday I’m planning to make the Whole Wheat Linguine with Kale & Red Walnuts.

The salad last night was delicious, used some interesting ingredients we wouldn’t ordinarily buy or be able to find (like a Cara Cara Orange and heirloom carrots), and made enough food for seconds and leftovers.  The ingredients were all very fresh and the flavor was fantastic.  The best part about this service is that if you enjoy cooking and are open to trying new recipes, it takes the planning and shopping out of making healthy meals for your family.  I don’t mind the cooking, and actually really enjoy it, but with busy weekends and a busy 2-year old and Ken having study sessions 3 nights a week, it’s nice to not have to think about what I’m going to make and to not have to go to the grocery store.  Obviously we still need to go for basics like milk, eggs, and things to have for breakfasts and lunches but it’s nice to have three meals all planned out for us.  I might try the family-style meals at some point since they seem to make more leftovers (which would be nice to have for lunches and nights we’re not cooking) but for now I’m excited to try a few weeks of the 2-person meals.  I’ll try to give a full review at the end of the week once we’ve tried the other two recipes.

And our second shipment will be arriving on Saturday with 3 more delicious meals to try!


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