Let’s go Patriots!

I’m back after a nice long weekend! Ken was on call this weekend so we didn’t have a whole lot of plans. I know I’ve said it before but I always find it ironic that it takes Ken being on call for us to have a lower key weekend.

Friday I picked up Julia from school and we just took it easy in the afternoon, having leftovers for dinner. Saturday we went to the Aquarium with Lara & Jane and then we came home for lunch, a nap and some movies at home.  Julia’s favorite thing at the aquarium were the Jelly-fish.  She would have been happy just watching the jellyfish for hours, I think!  I also really enjoyed watching the Dolphins.  Each time we go to the Aquarium Julia does better than the previous time.  I’m really very glad we got the membership since it’s already paid for itself in just 3 visits. 1.20.2015(4)



Sunday we just played at home in the morning since it was gross and rainy all day and then in the evening we went to watch the Patriots game!1.20.2015

Ken has become involved with the Baltimore New England Patriots Fan Group and for they playoffs they’ve been watching at Canton Dockside. One lady has taken it upon herself to set up a kids table for each of the games so that the kids can hang out, do some arts and crafts, and generally have a good time. It’s been nice that we’ve been able to bring Julia with us and she can play with play-doh or color while we enjoy the game and good company. The game didn’t start until after 6:30 so Julia only lasted through the first quarter but it was fun while she was still in a good mood!1.20.2015(2)

Of course we are very excited that the Patriots won and can’t wait to see them dominate in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks!

Monday was MLK Jr. Day and Julia’s school was closed for Parent Teacher conferences. In the morning we went to play at JTown and then we volunteered at Levindale for a PlayDate Together. It’s this very sweet volunteer opportunity for little kids: basically a few families will get together at Levindale, a Jewish nursing home, and just hang out… read stories, sing songs, etc. with the residents there. They love seeing the children’s energy and enjoy watching the activities! I think it helps keep them feeling young.

Then at noon, I had Julia’s parent-teacher conference. Unfortunately Ken was busy in surgeries so he couldn’t join me but it was nice to have some time to talk to Julia’s teachers a little more thoroughly and one-on-one. They told me that they’ve been very pleased with the way she’s transitioned to her new school. The biting has stopped completely and she only has occasional incidents of grabbing other kids but they said that’s completely age appropriate. She’s very social and loving towards her classmates and her teachers and they said developmentally she’s right where she should be. She is very observant, very verbal, loves books and music, and is just a joy to be around. The only big problem they’re having right now is her eating… she just doesn’t want to eat. She would rather run around the room playing than sit down long enough to eat her lunch. She’s also fascinated by the texture of her food so there are certain foods (like bagels with cream cheese) she would rather play with than eat. We are working on it at home too and it’s a struggle for us there but we are hoping to help her become more independent in feeding herself. This morning she did a great job showing us she could eat cereal with a spoon (she spilled a little milk but that’s to be expected) and we are going to continue encouraging her to use silverware to eat like a big girl.

One exciting thing she’s learned in the last week: putting on her own jacket!  We lay it down upside down for her and she slips her arms into the sleeves and then flips it over her head to put it on.  Starting yesterday she refuses to put her jacket on any other way.  Little by little she’s becoming an independent little girl!


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