Second Blue Apron Meal

Last night we made the Mushroom & Barley soup from Blue Apron and it got wonderful reviews from both myself and Ken! BA4

I did the prep work (which took about 30 minutes) while Ken gave Julia her dinner and entertained her.  BA3

And then after she went to bed I started cooking the soup.  I like that they have you do all the prep work first so that when you’re ready to cook, you just dump things in the pot.  It also makes it easier for families with working parents because if you wanted to, you could do the prep work in the morning and cook in the evening or you could do your prep work the night before, even.

The soup smelled delicious while it was cooking!  I wish I could pass smells along to you through the computer! BA2

And then when it was all done the recipe had us add a garnish of Fennel Fronds & Creme Fraiche, which added a little something extra creamy to the soup!  BA

There was enough for each of us to have 2 bowls of soup last night and there’s enough leftover for one person to have a BIG bowl of soup or for each of us to have a little bowl.  The soup was chock full of veggies so it was surprisingly filling, and the broth was delicious and just creamy enough.  I probably could have added a little more salt, but I’d rather my food be under-salted than over salted.

I’m looking forward to our third Blue Apron meal this week and then to three more arriving for next week!  We’re skipping the following week since the recipes didn’t look all that good to us but we’ll have to see what’s on the menu the following week to decide after that!


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