Little Miss Independence

Julia has become little miss Independence in the past couple of weeks.  At school, she learned to put her jacket on by herself and now she insists on doing it all by herself every single time.  The problem is that she gets mad if we try to do it for her, so it can take a long time sometimes!  She also discovered that putting on her pajamas is similar to putting on her jacket so she likes to do that all by herself, too! 1.27.2015(4)

Last weekend when I got home with Julia on Friday and saw that she was in a good mood, we decided it would be a good night for a Family Date Night, which we’ve started doing on about a monthly basis.  So we got all dressed up–Julia in a “tutu” (she calls all dresses tutus) and then we went out to Petit Louis Bistro, where Julia enjoyed her steak & frites! 1.27.2015(7)

When we left the restaurant, it was snowing and Julia was so very excited!  She kept saying, “It’s snowing! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” and jumping around.  At one point, two older ladies were leaving the restaurant and Julia turned to them and said, “it’s snowing!”  I’m sure they thought she was adorable!

We also showed Julia that if you tilt your head back and stick out your tongue you can catch snowflakes on your tongue!  She loved it. 1.27.2015(8)

Since there’s been snow on the ground, Julia always asks me if she can touch it: “I wanna touch it”.  And every day when we leave the house, she says “snow so slippery.”  Safety first!

Saturday I took Julia to Port Discovery, where we met up with some friends who have a membership there.  Julia enjoyed playing in their Diner Area, their Water Room & their Curious George exhibit! 1.27.2015(6)

At one point, Mary had to take her older daughter, Joanna, to the bathroom so I got to hold Baby Lucy for a few minutes.  We took a selfie, of course! 1.27.2015(5)

Then on Sunday after Music Class, we met up with Miss Steffi for brunch while Ken watched the Arsenal Soccer match.  Our girls brunch was a lot of fun, and Julia was excited to show us her “masterpiece!”  1.27.2015(3)

After brunch we went home and played with her “doctor toys” and had a great afternoon!  1.27.2015


Coming up this weekend we have some exciting things… Friday night Ken & I are going to dinner with our friends Dave & Hilary after first checking out their new house.  Then Saturday we have a new babysitter coming over while Ken & I go to see Corey’s gig play a show at Midtown BBQ.  Sunday we have Music Class in the morning and then of course in the evening is the Super Bowl!  The game is at a horrible time, which means I probably won’t get to watch very much of it but we’ll at least go to the party before the game and for the first quarter or half and then I’ll have to get Julia home for bed.

For now I just have to say, “Let’s go Patriots!”


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