More Blue Apron Meals

After making a few more Blue Apron meals, I have decided I am a big fan!  Especially during this period when Ken has a lot of studying to do and is busy with things on weekends, it’s really nice to not have the weekly “what should we have for dinner?” discussion, which inevitably ends in us making a few of the same 15+ dishes we make on rotation.  And it’s really nice to not have to go grocery shopping.  Since I last wrote, we’ve made three more meals:


This Whole Wheat Linguine I made last Thursday night.  It had a really nice flavor from the garlic breadcrubms and the lemon zest.  The walnuts added a nice crunch to the dish and the kale was really delicious with the pasta.  This dish was definitely a hit!  BA8

The prep work took about 20 minutes total and then the cooking itself took about 20 minutes as well so it wasn’t a very labor-intensive meal.  BA7

And the end result looked just like the picture, which always makes me happy! 🙂

This recipe definitely made enough for both of us to eat plus leftovers, so the portion sizes were generous.

Next up, we made a banana leaf wrapped cod with spiced rice: BA4

The rice and fish were both a little too spicy for Julia but we really enjoyed the flavors.  Ken said his fish was a little dry so it probably could have cooked a little less time, but overall this dish was fun to make, beautiful and delicious. BA3



And finally, a couple nights ago we made a Tuscan Ribolita Soup:BA11

This turned out more like a stew than a soup.  The bread cubes definitely made it thick like a stew but the egg added a nice something extra on top.  The flavors were delicious in this and again, it made enough for both of us to eat for dinner and we had leftovers.  BA10


We have another meal to make tonight (a gnocchi dish) and then we’re skipping the delivery on Saturday because the recipes didn’t look all that appealing to us but next week we’ll be back on!  I can’t wait!  🙂


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