Big box!

Yesterday was an exciting day for us when we got home from work/school!

First, there was a big box from Gagee that contained a sweater for me, two sweaters for Julia, some new books and some presents from one of my mom’s Girlfriends.  My mom made me this sweater which matches with a sweater that she made for Julia!  NE2


This weekend we’ll try to get a picture of me & Julia in our matching sweaters!

One of the sweaters my mom made for Julia is a bit too big for right now (it’ll probably fit her in a year or more.  But the other one fits her perfectly right now and matches with a hat my mom made her a few months ago.  Julia was excited to try on her new sweater from Gagee today and she wore it to school, too! 1.30.2015



Second, my Stitch Fix box surprised me by arriving several days early!  It wasn’t scheduled to get her until Monday but arrived yesterday afternoon, so that was exciting to see when I got home from work! SF11

This time I requested the same Stylist I had for my last Fix because I felt like she really got my style and what I was looking for and she picked out some fun pieces for me.  SF7

This time there was a particular pair of pants I had seen on other blogs that I wanted to try out so I requested those pants and I also requested a bag.  Here’s what she sent this time: SF10

In case you can’t tell, it’s 3 shirts, the pants I had requested and a necklace.  I was glad she sent the pants but I was honestly a little disappointed to not get a bag.  It turned out okay since I loved the necklace but I would have liked a bag to try out.

I tried everything on myself first but wasn’t really able to get great pictures… here’s the necklace: SF9

and one of the shirts: SF8

but I really had to wait until Ken was free to help me take better pictures.

The sizing on the pants is very funny (according to another friend who got them in one of her Fixes) and so they were so small that I couldn’t even put them on.  That was disappointing, to say the least.  But here were the three shirts: SF6



The first one I didn’t love.  I liked the color and the pattern, and the style was nice but the fit was a little funny since it was tight across the chest and the upper arms and I didn’t like that it was see-through so would require wearing a cami under it at all times.  The other two shirts I liked a lot… the black one with the studs is nice because it can really be dressed down (with jeans/skinny pants) or up (with a skirt or dress pants) and I like the material and the fit.  And the sleeveless shirt I just love.  It’s a nice silky material in front with just a plain black back.  It fits perfectly and is just really lovely.  I paired it last night with the necklace and really liked the way they looked together! SF3

So needless to say, I decided to keep the blue shirt, the black shirt and the necklace.  Because of the $100 I had in credit from friends signing up for Stitch Fix, I only ended up having to pay $30 total.  That’s a pretty sweet deal for 2 nice shirts and a necklace! 🙂

And today for StitchFix Friday, I got all dressed up for work in a black pencil skirt with my new shirt, new necklace and a black blazer… here I was this morning looking like a professional Lawyer/Mommy!  SF2


And the third exciting thing last night was that we made our 6th Blue Apron meal!  BA5

Ken was on top of his studying last night so he was able to help me with the cooking… first we got all the prep work done: BA4

and then while I took care of some other things around the house, Ken started cooking up the gnocchi!  The recipe has you boil them first to cook them, and then has you saute them with butter in a pan to crisp them up a bit and bring out their delicious nutty flavor.  So that was Ken’s job: BA3


After the gnocchi are nice and browned, you add Brussels Sprouts, Red Onion, Thyme, Lemon Zest & Lemon Juice, along with some Parmesan Cheese.  The end result was absolutely delicious!  This is definitely a dish we will make again.  It was quite filling but this recipe made just enough for the two of us for dinner.  Some of the recipes seem to make leftovers and some don’t, but honestly that’s okay cause we don’t need leftovers from every single dinner! BA

I’m sad that we’re not getting another Blue Apron shipment tomorrow but we decided to skip it this time because the recipes didn’t look all that appealing to us.  We’ll be just making recipes from our own collection this week and then next weekend we’ll get another Blue Apron shipment.

Looking forward to a nice weekend of fun and football!


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