Super Bowl Champions!

This past weekend was a wonderful one!  We got babysitters two nights in a row so we could go out by ourselves and the Patriots won the SuperBowl!

Friday night we went to our friends David & Hilary’s new house!  They bought it fairly recently and wanted to show it to us now that they’ve unpacked their boxes.  It’s really nice–has a lot of wood, nice architectural details, and the kitchen is really nice!  It’s a little too small for us with one 2-year old but suits them really nicely.  They’re also walking distance from the restaurant we went to for dinner, Clementine!

Saturday morning we took Julia to Orioles FanFest!  It was very very very crowded and a little too overwhelming.  She got to meet the Bird: 2.4.2015(11)

and got a balloon bracelet made while she was waiting in line! 2.4.2015(10)

After the part in the Convention Center we decided it was just too crowded to try to do anything with Julia so we walked over to the Stadium where they were giving tours of the Orioles Clubhouse!  During regular tours you’re only ever allowed to see the Visitors Clubhouse so it was really neat to see the Orioles side!  We saw the cubbies/lockers where they keep their stuff.  Adam Jones had laid out his stuff across three lockers for people to see.  2.4.2015(6)

and we got to see where the Orioles practice their batting skills: 2.4.2015(7)

Then we got to go out into the Orioles dugout and even onto the field (not the grass) to take some pictures!  2.4.2015(9)


Julia was definitely starting to get tired and grumpy by that time so we went home for lunch and her nap.  In the evening we had a new babysitter come over to play with Julia and then Ken & I went out to Corey’s gig at Midtown BBQ.  2.4.2015(5)

Sunday morning I took Julia to her music class, which she is really enjoying, and then in the afternoon we went to watch the SuperBowl!  It was a knuckle-clenching game but ended just the way we wanted it to!  Julia had fun working on some arts and crafts that were set up at the kids table 2.4.2015(3)

and she liked putting on temporary tattoos and eye-black: 2.4.2015(4)

She also got to try on a Bledsoe-signed helmet!2.4.2015(2)

2.4.2015I left with Julia right around half time to get her home and in bed and then I watched the second half of the game on my iPad at home.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots, SuperBowl Champions!



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