Weekend in Hershey & Influenster

This past weekend we had a lovely family trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania!  Ken had a conference to attend at the Hershey Lodge, right next to Hershey Park. Our room was paid for and families were invited, so Julia and I tagged along. We arrived in Hershey around 7:30 Saturday morning and had breakfast with Ken at the conference and then Julia and I headed out for a Mommy & Julia adventure!

We started out by going to Chocolate World, where we went on the free ride and then we went through the “Make your own chocolate bar” attraction, which Julia loved!  It was a little hard for her to be patient and I think a more hands-on experience might have been slightly better for a kid her age but she still enjoyed picking out the ingredients of her chocolate bar, watching it go through the assembly line, designing the wrapping for her bar, and seeing the finished product! 10583839_10100784611194725_4838650433672094208_n




After Chocolate World, we went over to ZooAmerica, a Zoo that’s connected to Hershey Park. It’s a zoo with a different concept… all of the animals are indigenous to North America, so they had some elk, a wolf, a Black bear, lots of different kinds of birds, snakes, frogs, etc. 11110984_10100784668425035_8281113989463291931_n

After the zoo, we grabbed some lunch, picked up some new swimmies (since I had forgotten to bring Julia’s from home) and we went back to the hotel for a nap.  11287107_10100784805086165_1657865251_n

After nap we went swimming at the hotel, though it seems as though Julia has forgotten all the awesome swimming techniques she learned in her swim class 2 years ago… she was scared and really didn’t like going under the water.  I think our lesson that we learned was that we need to take another swim class with her!  We might look into taking another one with her this summer at the Owings Mills JCC.  22787_10100784804896545_7403442302899429428_nIn the evening there was a lovely banquet for the attendees of the conference, and Julia came along with us! There were a bunch of other kids there, too, so we set them up with iPads at a special kids table.

The next morning Ken went back to the conference starting at 8 AM, so Julia and I decided to head to Hershey Park! She had been on a few kiddie rides at Hopkins’ Spring Fair a couple months ago but she had never been to an amusement park before or on any big rides… she had a ball!  She went on a few kiddie rides first, which she loved… and then I found a little roller coaster she was allowed to go on if I went with her. She loved it! Before the ride was over, she said, “Again Mommy!” We ended up going on it four times in a row! 10423815_10100785368067945_9151077215191627845_n





We also went on the ferris wheel (this was her first time on a ferris wheel!) and I found one bigger roller coaster that she was allowed to go on with me. The first time we rode, she was laughing the whole time, and then she shouted, “It’s not scary mommy!” We ended up going on that one three times in a row too, before heading back to meet up with Ken.

Julia was so exhausted after our day at the Park that she fell asleep and slept pretty much the whole way home! 11358680_10100785400103745_1520629275_n

I have one other exciting topic for you… remember how I told you about Influenster? Well after filling out a few more surveys on their site, I was chosen to receive another VoxBox… this one had coupons for Weight Watchers Ice Cream treats! I got two different kinds: 11301563_10100782795184025_1590035688_nand


They are both delicious! They are fairly low calorie so you don’t feel guilty eating them, they are chocolatey and delicious so they satisfy that late-night craving for something sweet. I highly recommend them! They had a number of other flavors available as well but these two were the ones that jumped out at me from the freezer section of our local grocery store!

Of course I need to let you know that I received these products free for testing purposes. If you’re interested in testing out products for free, go check out Influenster and sign up!


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