I was feeling very emotional on Monday and nervous about bedtime but Julia surprised me by making bedtime very easy, even without nursing!  I think we had prepared her just enough for this big milestone by talking about it in advance and warning her that bedtime would be different in that she wouldn’t be able to nurse but that we could read books and snuggle and sing songs. And that’s just what we did… bedtime went very smoothly both Monday night and Tuesday night.  I think this just goes to show that Julia was ready for this big step toward becoming a big girl!  Thank you, Julia, for making this easy for us both!

On a completely separate note, I realized that I never wrote about our wonderful trip to Kansas City!  A few weeks ago, our friends Corey & Steffi got married in Kansas City.  As soon as I found out we were going to take a trip there, I got in touch with my friend Sarah (wife of one of Ken’s med school classmates) and asked her if she could plan to be in Kansas City at the same time, since that’s where her parents live and where she grew up. She said “of course!” so we started planning a trip.  Our other good friend was Sabrina (wife of another of Ken’s med school classmates) so we tried to figure out how we could all three spend some time together along with the 4 kids we have between the 3 of us.  Thankfully it all worked out and we were able to have some time together!

So Sabrina, Ken & I flew to Kansas City with the three kids…


Julia & Koren had fun sitting next to each other on the airplane, watching the planes out the window, and watching movies together while we were in the air.  It was also nice that there were 3 adults with 3 kids and all the gear we had… suitcases, strollers, a pack n’ play, etc.

Sarah’s parents were so amazing to let us all stay with them in their lovely house outside of Kansas City and it was so nice for the kids to have so much time to play together!  And of course it was nice for Ken and I to go to Corey & Steffi’s wedding while Sabrina & Sarah babysat Julia!

Our first night there we went to their lovely Rehearsal Dinner, which was in a restaurant in a downtown hotel: 7.13.2015(40)Julia did amazingly well, especially given that we had been on a plane for much of the day and that her bedtime passed before we even got to dinner!

The next day we went to a farm with the kids, where they were able to check out the chickens, pet the sheep and feed the goats. They had so much fun!


After the farm we went back to Sarah’s parents’ house to relax for the afternoon and then Ken & I got ready for the wedding and Julia stayed at the house to play with the kids!

The wedding was at a beautiful old theater that had been restored to be a wedding venue. It was beautiful and the wedding was just lovely! Steffi looked beautiful and they had a wonderful jazz band that played while they danced the night away.  Ken and I had a great time. 7.13.2015(34)7.13.2015(36)7.13.2015(35)7.13.2015(33)The next day they had a brunch for all the out-of-town visitors at a great restaurant in downtown.  In the afternoon, the weather was a little gross and rainy so we went home for naps and then Ken left that evening for the airport.

We had a few more days to hang out and play, which was really nice… Sarah, Sabrina & I had been great friends during our time in New Orleans and it was so wonderful to have some quality time with just the two of them, to chat, gossip, laugh, and hang out!

We went to the casino one night (where none of us were particularly lucky)…7.13.2015(32)but we still had a great time!

And we took the kids to an outdoor mall to splash around in the fountains! 7.13.2015(31)7.13.2015(30)7.13.2015(29)We also got some delicious Kansas City BBQ and we took the kids to LEGOLAND, where they all LOVED the rides and playing with Legos! 7.13.2015(28)On the way back, Sabrina & I took the same flight home with the three kids, who all did surprisingly well with the long travel day!7.13.2015(27)I’m so glad we were able to make this trip work out–we had a great time visiting with our friends and celebrating Corey & Steffi’s wedding!


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