Fun Weekend & Stitch Fix!

This past weekend was a lot of fun… though it was quite busy!

Thursday when I got home from work I had a Stitch Fix box waiting for me!  SF(7)

That’s always a fun time… this box was not as big of a hit as some of the boxes I’ve received from them… I received a dress, 3 shirts and a pair of shorts.SF(6)


I liked that they included brighter colors (which I’ve been asking for for a while).  Unfortunately, the dress was in a shape that is simply NOT flattering on my body.  It accentuates my belly, which is never a good thing!SF(4)

Two of the three shirts were great and I decided to keep.  First this yellow one (which I’m actually wearing today!) SF(2)

and this blue one:


And then there were the shorts (in the picture above)… they were okay but I’m just not a shorts person.  In the summertime I would rather wear a good sundress or a skirt and shirt.  I just don’t like to wear shorts… so I kept 2 out of 5 items.  The third shirt was a little too small but I really liked it so I actually requested it in a larger size in my next Fix (which will arrive in early September, just before my birthday!SF (If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix, please check out this LINK and fill out a style profile.  Then you, too, can have your very own personal stylist!)

Friday we had our friends over for Shabbat dinner… I made a salad, Ken made Jambalaya and our friends brought some delicious cookies!  Julia and her friend Noa weren’t exactly on their best behavior and Noa wasn’t feeling so great, but we still had a lot of fun with them.  Shabbat dinners with them have become a bit of a weekly tradition.  We probably do Shabbat dinner together about once or twice a month now.  It’s always fun and the girls get along really well!

Saturday, Ken had to go to a Health Fair, so Julia and I met up with Cat and her two daughters at the Zoo.  Her daughter Eliska is going to be a Flower Girl with Julia in Leah’s wedding in October, so it was fun for them to play together and have some time to get used to each other.  I have a feeling they will be ADORABLE as flower girls, as long as they can slow down enough to walk down the aisle calmly and quietly! 8.3.2015(9)




After the Zoo, we went home for lunch and a nap, and then Ken & I went to the Orioles game while Julia stayed home with a babysitter!  The best part was that the O’s won! 🙂 8.3.2015(4)


Sunday Ken went to watch the Arsenals match while I took Julia to the new Play Café here in Baltimore… it’s a child-friendly café that serves breakfast and lunch and has a big play area for kids to play in while parents can eat, have coffee, etc. She had a lot of fun and we had a delicious breakfast!  8.3.2015(2)

After breakfast we drove up to York for the rest of the afternoon and for an early dinner.  Julia fell asleep in the car on the way home from York and miraculously stayed asleep as I brought her upstairs, took off her shoes and put her in bed!8.3.2015Next weekend Ken is on call so we don’t have too many plans… hopefully it will be a low key weekend.  Then the weekend after that Julia and I are heading up to New York for Aunt Sara’s sister Katie’s baby shower and then we leave for Florida on Sunday!  Just like last year, when we took a family vacation to Aruba, we are taking a week-long family vacation to Florida this year. We have no plans whatsoever, no agenda, no schedule.  My hope is that we’ll get a lot of time to sleep, relax on the beach and at the pool, play, and just be together as a family with no set plans.


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