Our Little Poppyseed turned 3…

I apologize that it’s been such a long time since I’ve written… my new job has been keeping me busy and we’ve had a lot of family fun recently–summer baseball games, a trip to San Francisco after my birthday, a wedding in Dallas, a wedding in Baltimore, Julia’s birthday, family photos, etc.11.3.2015(32)



It’s hard to believe, but Julia just turned 3 last month!  They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s definitely true.  Julia is such a bundle of energy and she keeps us on our toes at all times!  She has such a fun, outgoing personality.  She shows a lot of empathy for others–when they are crying, she wants to know why and she tries to comfort them.  11.3.2015(15)

She also has started ballet classes, which she loves.  We are going to continue them into the winter and spring since she’s enjoying them so much and I think it’s a good way for her to use her energy in a creative way.  She loves to read books and I can tell she’ll be the kind of kid who will keep a flashlight under her bed so she can finish a book late into the night.

Last month Julia got to be a flower girl in Leah’s wedding in Dallas… Leah was one of my bridesmaids and she asked me to be a bridesmaid and Julia to be a flowergirl.  The whole day was very stressful since Julia’s schedule was all thrown off, but she looked absolutely adorable and when the time came for her to walk down the aisle and perform her Flower Girl duties, she took her job very seriously! 11.3.2015(25)




She also LOVED the party… she danced the entire time the music was on and she loved playing with the accessories they had available for the photo booth. 11.3.2015(16)


On Halloween day itself, Ken & I went to a wedding.  Our friends Dave & Hilary had a beautiful wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  11.3.2015(8)11.3.2015(7)

Julia didn’t get to go trick-or-treating that night but she did have two different Halloween costumes nonetheless.  She dressed up as a Ladybug for Belvedere Square’s Halloween celebration and then as a butterfly for the Halloween party we had at work.  11.3.2015(17)

11.3.2015(14)For her birthday last month, we had a wonderful Firetruck Birthday Party!  I had been asking Julia for months what kind of party she wanted and she kept saying “a firetruck one!” so I found out about two different places that did birthday parties and we decided upon the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company.  It was truly fantastic–they helped with everything from set up, to entertainment, to clean up.  Julia and her friends had a great time.  They got to ride around on a fire engine, they got to spray the fire hose, they had a little fire safety talk and demonstration and a tour of the whole fire house and gear room.  It was absolutely worth every (tax deductible) penny.  11.3.2015(21)





For the third year in a row, Miss Steffi (Corey’s wife now!) took family pictures of us for Julia’s birthday.  It’s so special that she’s been able to do this for the past three years and I’ll be sad next year if we’re not leaving near them around this time of year.  I love the photos she took… here are just a few!









11.3.2015(2)There are a lot of exciting things coming up in the next several weeks and months… we like to keep things exciting.  Just next week, my parents are coming to Baltimore and they’ll be staying with Julia for several days while we go to Las Vegas for an Ophthalmology conference.  Just a week or so later is Thanksgiving (We’ll be going up to Jon & Sara’s house in New York for that).  The following month, we are going to San Francisco for a week over new years (and we need to decide if we might want to go somewhere for a night or two while we are in town–Monterey is one possibility we’ve discussed).  Starting in the early part of next year we are also going to start house hunting–Ken signed a contract for a job up in Harrisburg, PA so we’ll be looking at houses in that area.  He won’t start until August, 2016 but since we don’t know the area that well, we want to spend a few weekends going up there and getting to know the neighborhoods.  I already have a real estate agent who’s been sending us listings every day (you know I like to plan!)  In March we have a trip to Chicago planned for Paige’s wedding and then in June, Ken will be finishing up his residency!  Ken’s been working so hard toward this goal for such a long time, it’s hard to believe the end is in sight.  We’ll look to move up there in July.  Before then we’ll have to find a new school for Julia (I’ve already been in touch with their JCC) and we’ll need to start making new friends.

There are so many changes coming up for us but this is an exciting time for us and a time of change for our family.  We are looking forward to the adventures we will have in the next several years! 11.3.2015(18)



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