You say shovel? I say spoon! Yummy!

Julia loved all the snow we got this past weekend.  Her favorite thing to do in the snow? EAT it!  She also liked shoveling it a little bit but for the most part she viewed her shovel as a giant spoon!


If you think this picture is cute (I think it’s adorable!) Then please go on over to this website:

and vote for Julia to win this snowy photo contest!  You have just about 1 day to do it.  All it requires is a Facebook account.  So if you have Facebook, head on over to that link above, or this one here: LINK and vote for Julia.

Thanks, much!


On another note… I wasn’t able to get into the hospital on Monday because the roads were too terrible after our nearly 30 inches of snow on Saturday, but I went yesterday for my weekly HCG blood draw and got the results back today: we are down to 1005.  So the numbers are slowly but surely heading down, they’re just taking their sweet time.  I really wish that someone could just tell me exactly how long it’s going to take but there’s no way to do that.  I just have to be patient.  Eventually it will get to 0 and then we just wait 3 months.  Right now I’m just not handling the uncertainty very well.  Once we get to 0, waiting 3 months will be easy but waiting for the unknown is what’s frustrating right now.

Luckily from an emotional standpoint, I think we are both feeling better about the whole thing.  It totally sucks but it’s the hand we were dealt and we’re trying to make the most of it.

We started making some of our plans for our upcoming trip to Disneyworld and we are getting excited about that.  We also need to start making some more definite plans for our move up to Harrisburg.  Now that we found a house we need to find a moving company and then we can start figuring out which furniture we’re keeping and selling the pieces we’re getting rid of.  Our decluttering will continue!

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got for now… please don’t forget to vote for Julia! Thanks, and bye!



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