Mommy, do we speak English?

Over the past several weeks, Julia has been asking a lot more questions about things she must hear at school.

“Do we speak English?”

“Are we Jewish?”

“Do we live in Baltimore?  The same Baltimore that Noa lives in?”

As she asks these questions, and as we answer them, I feel like it’s our job to not only answer her questions, but to give her meaningful answers that help her become a more well-rounded person.  So rather than just answering with “yes” or “no,” I try to give her some context:

“Yes, Julia.  Usually our family speaks English.  But Mommy also knows how to speak French.  And some of the songs you sing at school are in Hebrew.  Bubbie knows and uses some words in Yiddish.  Sometimes you hear Eitan speaking in Spanish.  And Daddy sees a lot of patients who speak Russian.  But yes, usually we speak in English.”

It’s amazing to see her take in these answers, put them all together and form her own view of the world.  The older she gets, the bigger the concepts are that we need to teach her.  And the more responsibility I feel we have for helping her to develop a world view, a set of morals and values.


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