You know what sucks even more than…?!

Yeah… you get the idea.  This whole ordeal keeps dragging on and on and on and on.

First the miscarriage.  Then the D&C.  Then we find out it’s a partial molar pregnancy.  Then it takes a long time for my HCG to fall (this past Monday it was still 246 so we’re getting there but it’s taking a long time…)

For the past few weeks I’ve been having irregular bleeding.  At first we thought it was my period coming back.  But my HCG level is too high for it to be my period.  Then it kept going for a couple weeks.  My Doctor gave me an Ultrasound order and told me to hold onto it in case the bleeding got worse or kept going on.  So finally this week I went to get the Ultrasound and I found out this morning that there’s still something in my funny shaped uterus.  Maybe it’s some retained tissue, maybe it’s a big blood clot that’s struggling to come out, maybe it’s the “mole.”  Whatever it is, it’s not supposed to be there.  So they’re going to do another D&C on Monday to get it out.  This time they’ll do it with ultrasound nearby so they can make sure they get everything out.

Hopefully that will help my HCG to come down to 0 but it just plain sucks.  I keep thinking we’re done, we can put this behind us.  But then something else happens to make this suck even more and drag this whole ordeal on and on and on.

But the good news is my mom was here over the weekend and we had a wonderful visit with her!  Ken was busy with a review course so he wasn’t around very much, but Julia and I had a lot of fun with my Mama!

We had some fun being goofy and silly! 2.18.2016(7)

We also had fun going up to Hershey… Julia go to make her own chocolate bar again, and we also made one for Daddy and one for Papa.



We had brunch at Cousin Rachel’s house with Aunt Lynda and Aunt Karen and most of the cousins.  That was a lot of fun!

My Mama and I also got a lot of time to knit, and she taught me some new things I needed to know.  It was a great visit and as always we were sad to see my Mama go at the end of the weekend, but we have her next visit (in May) to look forward to!




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