Great News!

This morning the nurse from the OB office called me for the 11th week in a row:

“Hello?” I answered nervously, bracing myself for bad news.

“It seems that your second D&C did what it was supposed to do! Your HCG is down to 4!”

“YAAAAAY!!! That’s the best news you’ve ever given me!”

Now my doctor wants two more weekly HCG draws showing that the number is staying nice and low.  For all intents and purposes, an HCG under 5 is considered negative, so as long as it stays under 5, we’re good.  Then she wants 3 months of negative numbers.  And then we’ll be cleared to try again.  So in May or June (depending on how you count the 3 months–does she want negative in March, April and May, or does she want 3 months from March, which would be April, May and June), almost a year after we initially started trying, and right around the time I should have been due, we will be allowed to start trying again.

Realistically, that will be a very hectic time for us as we’ll be preparing to move out of state, moving, going on a trip to Disneyworld and then getting settled into life in a new place and Ken’s new job, so we may just “not prevent” for a while before actually “trying.” But we’ll be all done with this ordeal and can truly put it behind us.




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