A Very Happy Mother’s Day!

This past weekend I got to spend a very special Mother’s Day weekend with my Mommy!

My mom flew in on Thursday afternoon, and Julia and I picked her up from the airport.  It was so special that Julia got to see her first thing after school.

Friday I worked from home while my mom and Julia got to spend the day together.  We took Julia to the dentist, and then did a little bit of shopping and had lunch together.  It was a terribly rainy day so we were stuck inside all day, but Julia had lots of fun splashing around in the puddles! 5.12.2016(8)

Friday night, the four of us went out to a lovely dinner at Alma Cocina in Canton.  It’s a Latin American restaurant that was absolutely delicious and surprisingly kid-friendly!  I would definitely go back there again, with or without Julia.

Saturday, Ken spent the day with Julia while my mom and I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  This was the first time since Julia was born that my mom and I got to spend the day together just the two of us, and it was our first knitting event together.  I picked up some new yarn for a few new projects, and I can’t wait to start them in the next few weeks!  I just started working on my first sweater, so I want to get into that a bit before I start another project, but I have the sleeve started for now so I’m excited to see that progress.


Saturday night, my mom stayed home with Julia while Ken & I went out to the Orioles game.  We met up with some friends while we were there and had a great time.  Best of all, the Orioles won, and I got my Mother’s Day giveaway (an Orioles tote bag)!



Sunday was Mother’s Day.  We started the day with a photo shoot!  Julia’s friend Jonah has a Daddy who’s a Professional Photographer, and he was offering “mini sessions” at the Cylburn Arboretum for Mother’s Day.  The weather was beautiful and the location was perfect.  He gave us one sneak peek for fun, but I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!


After our photo shoot, my mom and I took Julia to soccer practice, and then we all went to Brunch with my cousins Rachel & David.  It was nice to see everybody and we got to try another new-to-us restaurant in Fells Point.  Yum yum!


Sunday evening, I cooked dinner for me and my mom (Ken wasn’t feeling great so he didn’t have any…) and then Monday my mom and Julia spent the day together while Ken and I went to work.  When I got home, I made dinner for all four of us and my mom and I had a knitting lesson/afghan square blocking session.


It was such a nice visit with my Mommy and it was so special that we got to spend Mother’s Day together!  I hope we’ll get to spend more Mothers’ Days together in future years!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there, but especially to my own!


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