5 week update

According to the “What to Expect” app, Poppyseed 3.0 (third time’s a charm, they say!) is the size of an Orange Seed.  Today I am 5 weeks pregnant, with 35 weeks to go.  My first appointment is scheduled for one week from today.  Sadly, Ken won’t be able to join me but luckily I have lined up a friend who can accompany me so I won’t have to be all alone at the doctor’s office, waiting anxiously to find out how things look in there. And in the event that things don’t look good, I’ll have a friend there to comfort me.

I continue to feel hopeful that everything is going to be okay.  I’ve continued to have very sore boobs as well as mild cramping that comes and goes throughout the day.  I also find myself getting hungry approximately every 2 hours but because I can’t eat much at any given time, I end up having a few small snacks throughout the day.  I’ve found myself getting a little sick to my stomach first thing in the morning until I eat something, and I’ve been absolutely exhausted.  Over the weekend I took a nice long nap on Saturday afternoon while Julia watched a movie, and I still managed to go to sleep by about 9 PM.  I have told a few more friends since last week, just because it happened to come up in conversation, but for the most part we are keeping this quiet until we know things look good.  Aside from parents, we haven’t told any other family, and aside from a few friends each, we are keeping things under wraps.

For now, that’s all the update I have… hopefully next week I’ll have good news to share. Maybe even a beautiful ultrasound picture of a gestational sac and yolk sac!