Surgery Scheduled!

After being given a bit of a run-around on Monday afternoon, I am so glad to finally have nailed down a surgery date.  My surgery is scheduled for January 24th at 1:45 PM.  On Monday afternoon I was first told that there was a possibility my surgery wouldn’t be until the end of March… so then I put my tears to good use and cried on the phone with several individuals until I was told that the surgical coordinator would work with me to get me scheduled as soon as possible.  Finally Tuesday morning I was given a date and time.  It is such a relief to know that we are getting this taken care of soon and that after that we can move on with our lives and try again.  I guess in this case being a squeaky wheel paid off!

Now that my HCG levels have dropped significantly, my body seems to be responding to the decrease and has started doing what it’s supposed to do (aka shedding the endometrium on the good side of my uterus, which is rather unpleasant since it’s had 10+ weeks to build up).  My follow-up appointment with the MFMs yesterday showed that the gestational sac in the horn is starting to decrease in size, and is sort of collapsing in on itself since it’s now somewhat irregularly shaped.  But the embryo is still very clearly there, still the size of an 8-week embryo, which was emotionally difficult to see.  The Ultrasound Tech offered to turn off the monitor, but my own morbid curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see what the doctors were seeing and understand what they were talking about.

I feel so very lucky that my mom is retired and financially well off enough that she is able to come help us out while I have my surgery.  She will arrive next Sunday, the 22nd and will stay with us for a week.  That way she can stay at home with Julia while Ken takes me to Baltimore for the surgery, and then my mom can help get Julia to and from school while I’m home resting and recuperating after my operation, and Ken can still focus on the studying he needs to do for his Boards.  In the evenings while I’m still recovering, one of them can take care of me and one of them can take care of Julia.

Before then though, we still have this weekend to plan… I’ve planned a date night for the two of us for Friday night… we are going to a little Italian restaurant in Harrisburg called Mangia Qui (which I’m excited to try since their menu looks awesome!) and then we are going to go see Hidden Figures.  Saturday Julia has soccer during the day, and I’m hoping we can find a time either Saturday afternoon or Sunday to go back to the Farm Show to check out some of the things we may have missed and maybe to get one more milkshake or possibly some fried mozzarella cubes, or potato donuts!  Monday Julia is off from school for MLK Day so I’ll have to plan something fun for the two of us to do with a day off from school and work.  I’ll see if I can make it a fun adventure-filled day since I won’t be able to have one of those with Julia for a little while after my surgery.

That’s all for now… I’m sure I’ll have another update before my surgery!


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