4th time’s the charm… I hope!

I’m back! And pregnant again, hoping the 4th time’s the charm, and Julia will finally get the baby sibling she’s been asking for, for months now. Poppyseed 2.0 will hopefully be gracing us with his/her presence on or around January 17, 2018.  I’ll be 10 weeks on Wednesday, so I’ve already made it past the point where I got bad news for both the partial molar pregnancy and the non-tubal ectopic pregnancy (I got bad news at 7 weeks 1 day, and 7 weeks 2 days, respectively).  I’m also just a couple weeks away from the second trimester, which seems insane to me!  Right now, baby is the size of a cherry, and is growing rapidly!

My doctors are following me much more closely this time around.  I’ve already been to either the OB or the MFM 4 times and they’ve confirmed that this pregnancy is implanted in the right spot (so it’s not ectopic) and it is developing normally with a beautiful heartbeat, so it’s not molar or partial molar.  I go back again on Thursday for my first “official” prenatal appointment… they’ll do blood work, write down my history, all that jazz.

As I predicted, I’ve been much more guarded this time around.  I’ve been telling fewer people, have tried not to let myself get too excited or too wrapped up in thinking about how far along I’ll be on my birthday, or at Thanksgiving, or at New Years.  This is the first time I’m posting on my blog since I’ve not wanted to make anything official.  I certainly haven’t posted anything on Facebook yet.  I’ve been trying not to get too attached to the idea that there’s a tiny little baby growing inside me, and have not been doing much differently than I was before (aside from not drinking, and maybe eating a little less sushi).  I didn’t buy a new pregnancy journal until about a week ago, and I just barely started writing in it.  I did buy a few nursing bras last week because my boobs have been hurting at night and it’s more comfortable to sleep in a non-underwire bra than one with an underwire.  Plus I know I’ll need them eventually.

With Julia, I started planning every little aspect of pregnancy and the newborn stages immediately. I started thinking about names right away, about her nursery, and about the type of delivery I wanted.  This time I’m letting a lot of that wait.  Since Julia was a C-section, I’m assuming the same thing will happen again, and don’t really feel like I need to plan anything.  I’m assuming they’ll schedule me for 38 or 39 weeks and if I go into labor early, they’ll take me early.  I know from experience that all that’s really needed in those early days is a pack n’ play (and maybe a swing or bouncy seat), some onesies (and I guess pants and socks and hats since this baby is due in the dead of winter), some diapers and wipes, a carseat and stroller, and a boob.  Lots of boob.  I also know from watching my friends who have had 2 that the second one often seems to fold seamlessly into your life with an older child.  You’re already busy running around keeping your older kid entertained that your baby kind of has to just go with the flow and come along for the ride.  So I hope to not be too focused on getting this kid onto any sort of nap schedule.  Instead, he/she will just come along for the ride, watching Julia, listening to Julia, learning from Julia.

I’ve been feeling fairly normal, aside from some terrible heartburn that has made me throw up a couple times.  I find that I get hungry every 2 hours or so, but once I sit down to eat, I really can’t eat very much.  I haven’t had any crazy cravings yet.  In the last week or so I’ve also been feeling very crampy and as though my belly is stretching in a million directions and is just very sore and uncomfortable.  Luckily I have not been so tired this time around, but I have been waking up every night around 3 AM for no reason, and it sometimes takes a while to fall back to sleep.

For now, that’s all I’ve got.  I’ll have another update after my appointment on Thursday, I’m sure.  And apparently in a few weeks Julia will find out if her little sibling will be a baby brother or a baby sister! Then I’m sure she’ll start coming up with her own list of names.


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